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We care about your safety, that's why we publish the following information to help to protect yourself from scams:

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"Talismans and Amulets"


Every person wants to be happy. And for each of us the concept of "happiness" includes different things. For some, happiness means family, children and beloved person nearby. Someone consider successfully signed contract as happiness and cannot imagine himself without a job. But very often on the way to the cherished dream some obstacles appear in front of us. They cannot be seen with the naked eye. It seems that an invisible barrier prevents to step forward, to become successful, to build a strong relationship or make a step up in the career. It happens so that trouble rained on us, like from a horn of plenty, and we do not understand why everything is happening to us and how to resist it. How to protect yourself from the negative, the evil eye and trouble? The answers to these questions have been around for a long time.

Still our ancient ancestors were in possession of talismans and amulets, which helped them to attract good luck, fulfill dreams, protected from the evil eye and negative.

Now you have a unique opportunity to order a talisman or amulet from Hayal Alekperov. Clairvoyant charges them in a cave with gin. These gins are sent to earth to help people. Once they opened secret knowledge to Hayal, helped to understand and accept God-given gift. With their help, Hayal invests in amulets and talisman force to defend its owner, to help him in all the activities and undertakings, attract happiness and good fortune.

Here are the amulets and charms that can help in different areas of life. Choose the appropriate for you and try to change your life for the better.

Amulet for the fulfilment of dreams

Article 001

We each have a wish or a dream to which we aspire. And often compelling circumstances prevent us to realize our plans. This amulet helps the owner to overcome the obstacles and barriers that stand in the way to a dream, to attract to the person the right people who can help to get closer to the fulfilment of desire. Amulet must be carried, concealed from prying eyes. For example, you can put it in wallet, purse or bag in a secret pocket. But here we must remember that the amulet will not help those who sit idly by and does nothing to fulfil his dreams.
(Copper, size 40 mm * 40 mm)

Amulet for career growth

Article 002

It happens that a man gives all the forces to work tirelessly to fulfil the commission leadership, but it goes unnoticed, and you cannot even move from the "dead spots", at least to step up for a notch. The reason for this may well be that the power of the person is very weak, and it is difficult to express themselves, to overcome internal obstacles and doubts. But with the help of this amulet, you can correct the situation. Amulet helps to achieve success in work, gives its owner the inspiration and enthusiasm, and most importantly, draws attention to their achievements. It will call in your life right people and help them win the favour. In addition, the amulet protects from envious eyes, gossip and slander. It is to be worn with yourself (in a handbag or purse) or hide in the work, for example, in a desktop. But do not look for the amulet, if you yourself are not active and do not apply the maximum effort to achieve success.
(Copper, size 29 mm * 50 mm)

Amulet to attract good luck

Article 003

This amulet draws to its owner good luck and success. The fate will constantly provide to the person wearing it to himself with various chances that help him change your life for the better. For example, the way will meet the right people, to open the right doors. This amulet helps to get rid of bad luck and help the owner to "be at the right time in the right place." But the amulet will not help those who do nothing to change their lives for the better. Carry it with you to secretly from prying eyes. Alternatively, you can put it in your pocket or in a bag.
(Copper, size 21 mm * 50 mm)

Amulet for health

Article 004

This amulet strengthens the health of its owner, helping to overcome an illness or disease. But please note that this amulet is not medication or remedy. It helps to struggle with illnesses at the energy level, provided that the person is treated in parallel by traditional methods with the help of doctors. You cannot sit back and rely on the power of the amulet. But it is possible and even necessary to use it as an extra incentive to recovery means. After all, all our diseases begin with weakness of our energy field, which the amulet contributes to the restoration of.
(Copper, size 50 mm * 43 mm)

Amulet to improve the financial well-being

Article 005

Sometimes, despite the work and efforts, our financial and material situation leaves much to be desired. No matter how much people earn, waste, certainly more than the money earned. This situation inevitably leads people to debts and loans. The strength of this amulet is not to pull the holder of wealth around the world, and to restore the energy balance between finance and embezzlement. It gives the person who owns them, the wisdom and the ability to distribute their income, attracts success in financial affairs. Carry it with you to (necessarily close to the money, for example, in a purse). It is advisable to put it in a purse on the growing moon. And, of course, it is important to remember that the amulet will not help if the person wearing it does not do anything to improve his financial status.
(Copper, size 50 mm * 29 mm)

Amulet to enhance will

Article 006

Each person has bad habits and weaknesses. But some of them cause irreparable harm to us, becoming a dependency. Smoking, alcoholism, gambling addiction - it is not a complete list of these dependencies. And they often suffer from not only dependent people, but also their relatives and friends. And even despite the remarkable efforts, overcome your weakness is simply impossible. As they say "do not have enough power of the will."

This amulet can strengthen the "power of the will." It enhances the power of the person who owns the amulet. It helps the owner to have faith in yourself, laying a proper installation-guide "to quit the habit." The main thing in this issue is a strong desire of addicted person to get rid of the addiction. Wear this amulet with yourself (for example, in a pocket, purse or wallet).
(Copper, size 35 mm * 42 mm)

Protection for vehicles - from disasters and accidents on the road

Article 007

This protection protects the vehicle from disasters and accidents on the road. At the energy level it gives clues to its owner: whether or not to hit the road, which road to take. To protect your car from accidents and collisions, put protection in the car so that no one knew about it except you. For example, in the glove box. But it is not necessary to ride the road even with the amulet, if you have not learned how to drive well, do not know or do not follow the traffic rules and feel insecure on road.
(Copper, size 40 mm * 40 mm)

Home amulet, driving evil spirits away

Article 008

It happens that in the homes of people strange things are happening: steps can be heard in the night, objects fall and break by themselves. Sometimes owners dream terrible dreams when dead people come to them. In such houses guests rarely stay, because it is simply unbearable for strangers to stay there. Pets do not stay in this house. This situation in the house not only scares its inhabitants, but also has a negative impact on their health and financial situation. This situation may be connected with the fact that the house is settled by the unquiet spirit, which prevents tenants to live happily ever after.

This home amulet will help to protect themselves from evil spirits. It will not allow otherworldly forces to host in your home. If such a talisman for a long time will be in the room, the spirits have to leave this house and do not disturb house owners ever more. So that the talisman began to act, you first need to sanctify the premises. After that hide the amulet in a place where all members of the family mostly gather. It is important here: do not commit acts that would open the door to evil forces in your life.
(Copper, size 47 mm * 34 mm)

Protection for home

Article 009

This protection for the house protects its occupants from the disasters and tribulations. It protects against the negative effects of magic, such as damage, and the curse of the evil eye. If the defence is in your home, then you are not a terror attack power of your "enemies" in the form of "lining" and other negative magic manipulation. Protection gives home owners a sense of harmony, comfort and security, it attracts good fortune and financial well-being. Put it to the entrance, for example, in the slot under the threshold or skirting. But we must remember that all the bad things in relation to other sees God. And this protection cannot protect from his fair punishment.
(Copper, size 35 mm * 45 mm)

Protection from theft and loss

Article 010

Many people know that every home has the essence, guarding the house from harm, supporting it in order and comfort. The Slavs call these entities as brownies. But it often happens that the relation between the forces, keeping the house, and the people who live in it, is lost. And on the contrary - "brownies" can "misbehave", making small "dirty tricks" for owners of the house. For example, can hide a thing that was right in front of your eyes a moment ago, in a completely unexpected place. This protection helps to negotiate with the forces, protect your home. The key to this: your desire to establish friendly relations with them. If you hide it in a secluded corner of the house, the forces that protect your home, be friends with you. At the right moment, they will be able to protect your home against theft, burglary and fire, will not only help preserve your wealth, but also to increase it. And a stranger will not be able to covet your goods.
(Copper, size 27 mm * 52 mm)

Protection against gossip and slander

Article 011

Gossip and slander are disgusting, but very powerful weapon that can ruin the lives of anyone. Many have to face the fact that envious detractors or unfairly vilified his honest name with lies. And it is sometimes impossible to prove his innocence. This protection helps to ward off evil rumours and gossip, to protect themselves from lies and slander. Wear it with you in your pockets, purse or bag. But the owner of the amulet has to remember that, and most do not need to create a reason to gossip about others.
(Copper, size 35 mm * 45 mm)

Protection from the negative effects of magic

Article 012

Smart, beautiful and successful people need to be careful, because somebody who wants to "annoy" is always more than the well-wishers. That's the way the world wags: people are not perfect. And the most pernicious manifestation of this is the envy of many who simply pushes to the terrible deeds. Envy makes them do evil to those who in their opinion, does not deserve the benefits that matter. And the worst thing that envious, can greatly harm, and sometimes even reduced to the life of one who envy and, in particular, with the negative effects of magic, while remaining undetected and unpunished.

But it is possible to protect yourselves from the negative magical impacts, if carry this protection with you. It does not allow energy attacks and effects to break your field, protects against the evil eye. Wear this protection in a bag, purse or wallet. But it is important in this case: not intentionally give people a reason to feel jealous of you.
(Copper, size 40 mm * 40 mm)

Defence against the dark forces

Article 013

It happens that happy, carefree lives turn into a nightmare. String of bad luck, financial loss, ailments. It seems that the troubles arise out of nowhere, and there is no strength to fight with them. Most likely, this situation is due to the fact that the man was the victim of attacks of the dark forces. They can be attached to the result of experiments with magic, wrong actions or sins of their ancestors. And it also happens that these forces interfere in a person's life, thanks to someone's "efforts". Influencing the person, the evil forces bringing losses, troubles, and sometimes even death. To protect yourself from this, you can use this protection. It makes the wearer inaccessible to evil forces, shields from troubles and tribulations, protects against negativity. Acted to protect, you need to wear it to yourself, preferably in the pockets of clothing, and at bedtime it should lay down next to the bed. The main thing - do not attract the forces of evil in his own life by experimenting with magic, and giving others a reason to wish you evil.
(Copper, size 37 mm * 41 mm)

Protection from curses

Article 014

By virtue of his emotional weakness and people often commit terrible things - cursing the offenders, or those who are jealous. Curse is words with naughty wishes, which are enclosed in strong emotions. It is one of the most powerful kinds of negative energy effect. And brings to life the one who cursed, misfortune, sorrow and irreparable loss. Therefore it is better to protect themselves from the curses to prevent such troubles. Protection against curses will help to do that. That they act, you need to carry it with you in your pockets. And do not let others cause you to curse.
(Copper, size 50 mm * 35 mm)

Amulet, which facilitates aches of a body

Article 015

Here is the warning that the amulet is not a remedy. The essence of his actions in the energy impact on the person. This amulet increases strength of spirit makes people to fight with the disease. It is the body's energy support, helps to relieve pain and suffering. To make amulet act, the ailing person needs to carry it with you (you can carry it in your pocket, in a purse or bag).
(Copper, size 40 mm * 40 mm)

Amulet to attract male attention (for unmarried women)

Article 016

They say that happiness is not just in beauty. And, indeed, often it is difficult to arrange his personal life for beautiful and intelligent girls. Of course, they meet interesting people on the way, but the "love puzzle", which you can build a family - does not make up. And all because of a man who is ordained to them by fate, passes by, never noticing the half. This amulet helps to bring love, life is foreordained for you. It has nothing to do with a love spell, which is a negative effect, depressing the will of another person. This amulet is like a beacon, attract in your life the one who needs you, helps to pay attention to you. Carry it with you and you surely meet your husband. But the amulet will not work if you do not own any attempt to arrange your personal life.
(Copper, size 38 mm * 42 mm)

Amulet to attract success in business

Article 017

It happens that people are faced with obstacles and troubles without a reason. But more recently they are enjoying their success, had a good profit and pondered the future prospects. And now an unstoppable force destroying all successful endeavours, delays in the pit of losses and debts. Everyone knows - where there is an income and money, there always appears envy and negativity. And in most cases, the cause of failures in business lies not mistakes of who manages them. Often the "bad luck" due to the antics of envious competitors and trying to sink your ship of business by any means. This amulet helps to ward off the attacks of energy competition. It is also suitable for those who have just started their business and for those who have long been in the business. The owner of this amulet can safely do their work, to conquer new heights and increase their profits. The evil eye and other negative effects of the magic his case will not hurt, because it blocks their action. Amulet should be left there, where the source of your income is. For example - in the store, if your business is related to sales, or at the office. Everything depends on the area in which you are working. But it is important not to give competitors an extra reason to envy and not warm up their desire to hurt you.
(Copper, size 40 mm * 40 mm)

Amulet from damage

Article 018

There is a kind of negative magic effects, the corruption. It is very dangerous and is aimed at the destruction and the ruining of human life. Damage brings to life of the person to whom it is made a lot of trouble: the loss, misery, disease, mental disorders, insomnia, and sometimes even death. This magic amulet will protect against this negative impact. He, like a shield, protects your energy from magical attacks. If you wear this amulet with you, then it will be very difficult for your detractors to hurt you. But remember, do not give others a reason to wish you ill and require a just retribution of God. In this case, any amulet will not help you.
(Copper, size 37 mm * 43 mm)

Amulet to attract financial income

Article 019

This amulet will help the owner to attract financial success, increase their income and reduce waste. It also protects against financial loss and unnecessary costs. The person who wears it in his wallet or purse, very soon notice an improvement in financial well-being. The main condition in this case - your desire to achieve something. After all, if you do not own any attempt to improve your financial condition, and sit idly by, hoping for an amulet, it will not work.
(Copper, size 30 mm * 45 mm)

Amulet to attract male attention (it helps to get married for the second time)

Article 020

Women who are divorced or have lost a husband in other circumstances, is much more difficult to arrange private life than unmarried. Especially if a woman has children. And it is rightly so. But these circumstances do not mean that divorced women are condemned to loneliness. This amulet will help them to feel the joy of family life again. It helps to attract the attention of men. That is, the first thing a man will see in you - not the kids and crossed stamp in your passport, but your beauty, intelligence, and a charming smile. Wear this amulet with yourself, hiding from prying eyes. And very soon notice that men are looking at you in a new way. The rest depends on you. After all, your desire to change your life, be attractive and interesting woman and make every effort to create a new family are more important.
(Copper, size 45 mm * 35 mm)

Talisman to attract business success

 Article 021

The characters Engraved on the pen is a code that draws at the energy level success to its owner in the business sector, which helps to sign contracts and enter into profitable deals. This talisman attracts loyal partners to help to increase profits. If you have a great desire to achieve success in business, and you make this all possible, then this pen is for you. In order to make the effect of the talisman the most effective, you should try to always carry it with you, especially at business meetings, negotiations and signing of important documents. But one must remember that no talisman will not help those who are sitting back and waiting for success to come to him by itself. After all, as the saying goes, "no pain, no gain".

Amulet for the Home

Article 022

Amulet protects the house from the negative impact of energy and the evil eye. It attracts success and prosperity to all family members. So that this amulet had a maximum power it should be put on a shelf, or just hang on the wall at the entrance to the house. In this way you will attract luck and financial well-being to yourself. And the one who comes to visit you with bad intentions cannot perform what he has on his mind. But it must be remembered that quarrels and conflicts in the house, just like the bad things of the family member, may negate the effect of talisman. Therefore try to live in harmony with the environment.

Protection from the negative impact of competitors and envies (for the career)

Article 023

If a person gives all power to work, but there is no career growth, it is worth considering what is wrong. After all, we often do not even realize that we have surrounded by enemies who can put before us all kinds of energy barriers that impede the success of the career. Man, which has a similar negative, as if he stands still. The protection against the negative impact of competitors and envies will help to cope with this situation. It strengthens the energy field of the owner to block the negative effects of ill-wishers, and helps to concentrate on the case that you do and achieve success in it. But there is one condition: do not provoke envy and the desire to annoy you in others, because for the bad deeds higher power always repays a person the same coin. And then no protection will help.

For maximum impact you need to place the protection at work, away from prying eyes (for example, in a drawer of your desktop). If this is not possible, you can just carry it with you.

Talisman for the car

Article 024

Probably many people noticed: if someone praise your car, there might be some kind of a breakdown or a nuisance. In such situations, talisman may help the car. It as a barrier protects your car from the evil eye and negative magical effect, protects from accidents and disasters on the road. So that a talisman came into effect, put it in the car (for example, in the glove compartment or in the trunk), away from prying eyes. But do not rely on the talisman, if you do provoke dangerous situations on the road or get behind the wheel while drunk. Remember that the guardian is valid when his owner really saves himself and his property.


Article 025

100 sheets

Dimensions 125mm * 172mm


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