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Relationships Aries in the year of the Black Dragon expects big changes in his personal life. Those who have not yet found his destiny, will meet it for sure.
Those Aries, who has family, in the first half of the year may have serious differences with his other half, which will make them think seriously about the situation. But friendly couples will cope with differences, getting useful experience out of this.

Health In 2012 Black Dragon promises to give everybody, who is born under the sign of Aries, good health and well-being. Those are especially lucky, who pleased God, leaving their bad habits in the past year. But do not forget about the prevention of chronic diseases, especially those related to the gastrointestinal tract.

Career In 2012, Aries will have to work hard in their professional field. But you can be sure that they will be rewarded for all their efforts according to merit. In the first half of the year, special attention should be paid to new acquaintances. There is a high probability that they will bring your career to the next level. However, remember the old and trusted partners. The most positive time for a career would be late fall - early winter.

Money In 2012, those, who are born under the sign of Aries, should be extremely cautious and careful. Do not participate in dubious enterprises, especially at the end of the year. The most successful period in the financial plan for the Aries will be spring.


Relationships This year single Taurus is likely to find a soul mate - in April or November. At the end of the year it is not desirable to build new relationship, since they are unlikely to escalate into something serious. Relationships of family Taureans are constantly changing, there may be problems with the education of children. March and April will be especially revealing in this regard.

Health In the year of the Black Dragon those who are born under the sign of Taurus will feel very good. But from the beginning of the summer health should be brought under strict control. The immunity must be taken care of, so you do not suffer from colds. You should not burden the liver and digestive system.

Career I advise Taurus to stock up a considerable optimism in 2012. Since the Black Dragon does not promise them a career, but on the contrary - may modify the scope of activities. But the important thing is not to despair, and believe in your success.

Money Year of the Black Dragon promises to all who are born under the sign of Taurus, the financial well-being. There is even unexpected, unplanned income, which is certainly nice. But be very careful in the beginning of summer and in December. March and April will be successful for those who work in real estate.


Relationships In 2012 family man Gemini should pay more attention to his family, especially in late summer - early autumn. In general, family relations will move in a positive direction, especially in the second half of the year. But the Gemini-bachelors with dive into a romantic adventure in November and December.

Health In the Black Dragon year the health of Gemini is excellent. No problems are foreseen, and even improvements are coming. But do not load on and undergo your body with the unnecessary risks. Spend your life energy on useful things, such as sports.

Career The career advancement of Gemini in 2012 can be divided into two stages. In the first half of the year is not very comforting - big ups or downs are not expected. Although you can achieve some increases with the effort, especially in April. In the summer you should not give way to your emotions, as this can ruin your relationship with the team. In the second half of the year considerable progress in career development will be seen.

Money In financial terms, as in career Gemini is expected to have stability and permanence in the first half of the year. In the second half of the financial situation will markedly improved.


Relationship Black Dragon does not promise to please Cancers with the romantic adventures. But there is no need to think about the negative. Cancer should be waiting for change with the belief in a bright future, as fall will be a very positive time for their private life.

Health In 2012 those, who were born under the sign of Cancer will not complain about health. Digestive system will show itself especially well. But they need to keep their nerves, because they will be most vulnerable this year. So you have to tune into a positive wave, since nerve cells do not regenerate.

Career Black Dragon makes up the lack of romantic meetings with Cancer for success in their careers. Their ability to work and perseverance in the first half of the year will bring great success, so that the next six months will be a little rest and they can spend more time on their personal life.

Money Success in your career, no doubt, will suffer for a financial profit, but it will not make prudent Cancer a spender. They will be more opposite in their hypochondriac embezzlement - because money is earned hard.


Relationship 2012 will be generous to Lions with romantic encounter. But as the Lions are a very hardworking, they can be advised to devote more time to close people, rather than a career. Indeed, it may cause controversy and resentment in the relationship.

Health Too much hard work can play with Lions health an evil trick. Do not bring your body to exhaustion and stress through work. It should be remembered - nothing compensates for the lost health.

Career In 2012, Lions wait for an ambiguous situation in terms of career. In the first half of the year, especially in the beginning, either positive or negative changes are not expected. But in the second half rapid climb on the stairs of a career is expected.

Money In the year of the Black Dragon Lions need to be careful in financial matters. Do not trust your money problems to acquaintances, friends, relatives, even very close ones. You should deal with your affairs by yourself. Special judiciousness for the payment of tax, credits and other things will be required in the end of summer.


Relationship Big load at work of family Virgos can bring a little friction with beloved ones. So do not forget to pay more attention to them. To those who have not yet found its second half, 2012 will give the opportunity to meet her/him, and maybe even start a family.

Health Virgos need to keep the health of a body and monitor their health. This will ensure good health. In the first half of the year one should watch out for extreme situations, especially while driving.

Career 2012 promises to Virgo positive changes in terms of career. This can be either promotion or change of a job. In any case, all is intended for better - Black Dragon promises Virgo success. But as you know, in order to achieve this success one should persevere in his purpose.

Money In the year of the Black Dragon Virgo waits the financial well-being. Even a major purchase like a vehicle or real estate will be under their power. But, despite this wealth, purchases shall be rationally planed.


Relationship If Libra wants to dominate in the relationship, they are unlikely to succeed, but it's not the point. One should be happy to what gives you life and love his soul mate. After all, it is not so easy to be a leader. February, March, June and November will be good months for single Libra.

Health In 2012the Black Dragon bestows Libra with remarkable health. So they are not afraid of stress, depression and seasonal diseases. Although during fall one should not forget about the prevention of colds.

Career Year of the Black Dragon will present to Libra interesting and creative tasks at work. And I must say that Libra will go out of any situation as worthy winners. But should be more attentive to the colleagues, some of them may be your enemies.

Money Early Spring will be successful in increasing revenues for Libra. The results of their actions will be seen in August. And rely on your gut feeling. That's how you can deal with fraud and dishonesty.


Relationship in 2012 Scorpio’s personal life promises to be very successful. If the single representatives of this sign will build a relationship – it will be with the maximum comfort for them. For those who already have the other half, they will keep almost perfect relationship in their pair.

Health Scorpios will not complain on health in 2012. But this is not a reason to test their bodies to the limit. From time to time you need to remember that the body needs support. Do not forget about the sport, and vitamins.

Career Those, who are born under the sign of Scorpio, will not succeed Special career achievements in 2012. Although rays of success can break through in the early spring. But the creative Scorpios are lucky - Black Dragon will be able to direct their energy in the right direction.

Money Scorpios expect positive stability in the financial plan. But they need to work hard. Do not try to get everything at once. In the world everything is regular: large losses can follow for a large profit.


Relationship In 2012 Sagittarius should not test their relationship to the limits. As you know, everything in this world may be destroyed, so no need to entertain yourself with dubious arguments. Appreciate what fate gives you. August will be especially critical in terms of relationships. Do not take new acquaintances in the late summer too seriously.

Health Do not expect the special gifts to your health from Black Dragon. So evaluate yourself realistically, and not to overload your body, or you will feel the consequences of your non-judgement by the summer. More exercise would not hurt you.

Career 2012 will be a successful for Sagittarius’ career. They are waiting for positive career advancement. Be more careful in the middle of autumn in order to avoid any trouble. In the year of the Black Dragon Sagittarius, perhaps will make new useful contacts in the business.

Money Success in a career match financial prosperity, so Sagittarians need not worry. But it is necessary to be careful with the finances in the mid-autumn.


Relationship For those of Capricorn, who is already in a relationship, you will need to show more patience to his sweetheart. After all, we need to support your beloved ones - in happiness and in trouble. Maybe your beloved one is experiencing not best period of life. In general, your relationship will move to a new level.

Health Capricorns will not be deprived of health in 2012. But their excessive diligence might overshadow the general picture. In order to avoid the negative consequences that affect primarily the mental state, you need to take care of your health in advance. Change your way of life, exercise, gets plenty of rest.

Career June and July will bring dramatic and positive changes in the professional field of Capricorn. But the results of these changes will be felt only in the fall.

Money Black Dragon does not give unexpected income to Capricorn this year. So you have to be economical. You can try to invest in new projects.


Relationship Personal relationships for Aquarius in 2012 will be successful. However, excessive temper and desire for conflict can ruin everything. Mental balance is waiting for Aquarius in the fall. Then a new stage in relations will come.

Health In the year of the Black Dragon Aquarians need to fight with his addictions. No need to offend God. Taking care of your body will reward you with good health. Do not hope for your hidden reserves. Also it is necessary to be careful while driving.

Career Positive stability expects Aquarius in professional sphere. Do not be afraid to express your creative nature at work. Be sure: your efforts will be rewarded. The second half of the year will be especially favourable for Capricorn's career.

Money March and November will be especially successful in the financial plan for Aquarius. And positive financial stability is expected throughout the year.


Relationship Black Dragon promises not to deprive Pisces of pleasant events in personal life. Romantic and affectionate relationship is possible in the fall. However, do not react very seriously to summer dates. Advantageous marriage can be possible for Pisces.

Health Forecast for Pisces in terms of being is not very comforting. There may be stress, apathy. It is also necessary to be afraid of exacerbation of chronic diseases. But at the end of the year it should get better. Do not forget about prevention and enjoy more fresh air in order to rectify the situation somehow.

Career Routine, which was in 2011, in professional field, must end. So in the year of the Black Dragon Pisces can relax.

Money Any disasters are not expected in the monetary sphere. Late winter - early spring will be especially favourable. Expect nice surprises from the Black Dragon.