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We care about your safety, that's why we publish the following information to help to protect yourself from scams:

  • Hayal is not involved in drawing up the online tests or predictions of the future based on the results of the test. Keep in mind that these polls have nothing to do with extrasensory, and even more so they do not have a drop of reliable information.
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  • Hayal does not work at a distance (i.e. by phone, Skype and in online forums and social networks), and he has no bank accounts or phone numbers to transfer money to them!
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Be careful and cautious. Do not give opportunities for frauds to cheat you!

Compatibility Horoscope

Aries woman - Scorpio man

Dating period - summer. Aries belong to their territory - this is my territory and I own it. Scorpios are the same. They have the same outlook on life. And they will protect their single territory together. As two soldiers protect a castle. They will fight till the end of life. They will truly support each other.

Taurus woman - Aquarius man

Dating period - summer. The representatives of these two signs will have a strong desire to have children. A Taurus is like a tractor that digs a ditch, and an Aquarius goes with the stream. Taurus like to be paid attention to, loved, Aquarians are all able to give that all. They will perfectly supplement each other.

Gemini woman - Scorpio man

Dating period - spring. Gemini are very selfish, they want to be loved and adored, and Scorpion seems to be created for this. He wants to love only one woman, he does not see anybody but her, they are monogamous by nature. And it is what Gemini need: to be constantly praised and be just the one for a man. A Gemini woman needs a man constantly taking care of her, and Scorpio will cope with this role.

Cancer woman - Sagittarius man

Dating period - autumn. I advise a Sagittarius man for a Cancer woman. Cancers catch a man with their tentacles and do not want to let him go. They are rather jealous, but just because they love a person. On the one hand it bothers, but on the other hand, they need it. They can have good and strong marriage.

Leo woman - Libra man

Dating period - summer. This is a very interesting alliance. Lion women will feel very difficult without Libra men in making decisions, finding a job, buying something, bringing up a child. But Leo will always say that it was she who did it. They will have a very interesting life: bright and adventurous.

Virgo woman - Virgo man

Dating period - winter. Virgos are like amulets to each other, like guardian angels. Virgo women are somehow smarter than the stronger sex of the same zodiac sign, but Virgo men are trying not to offend, in turn. To some extent a woman is a manipulator in this couple, but she just directs her soulmate, like a pendulum, which leads a ship.

Libra woman - Sagittarius man

Dating period - winter and spring. Libras are very fond of shopping: clothes, cars, and jewelry. The coming year will bring big changes in their life. And they will be ready for everything new with Sagittarius. They will be in constant motion and dynamics together. They will never be bored together.

Scorpio woman - Pisces man

Dating period - spring. Scorpions are prickly creatures by nature, they have a stinger. Even if they cannot attack, because they are dealing with a strong man, they will sting and bite themselves from within. They will have a strong alliance with the Pisces. Scorpios are very diligent, they like to do good, but wait for the same in return. Pisces like to give a feedback. Pisces give all tenderness and love to Scorpio.

Sagittarius woman - Aries man

Dating period - winter. Sagittarius women love to hit the top ten, and this hit may occur in the winter. They have such a nature that they always try to look good, so that attract men’s attention. They cannot forgive cheating and betrayal in the family. Aries will be a good candidate for them. If they are jealous, it is only because of a great love.

Capricorn woman - Aquarius man

Dating period – winter. Capricorn is a mountain animal by its nature, and Aquarius flows like water. A Capricorn woman will have to take responsibility for the entire family. She always tries to make herself singular in education, children, husband, and position. Aquarians are very quick-tempered, and a Capricorn woman should understand this, because if he gets angry, it will not last long. This should be forgiven.

Aquarius woman - Cancer man

Dating period - autumn. They are two water sign, who love nature (planting trees, flowers). They do not rely on anyone but each other. They will trust only each other. They can live in a small house, but the financial position will be not important for them, they will still be happy together.

Pisces woman - Taurus man

Dating period - summer. Pisces women can never say "I love you", they just do not know how to do it. A Taurus man feels that she loves him, but he need to hear that. Taurus man proves his love by his behavior and actions. They will have a very good union, but it is important for Taurus not to wait for declaration of love from Pisces, who love inside.

Pink Magazine, No. 10 (88) October 2011