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2013 is a year of the Black Water Snake, which is a symbol of wisdom and peace. And in order to be successful this year, you have to submit your life to consistency and discipline. At the mercy of the Snakes will be those who think through every step and beware of reckless behavior. In financial terms, try to be economical - Snake abhors waste of money and frivolous attitude to money. And thoughtlessness in money matters in 2013 threatens to material losses.

Main value for the year patron is the family hearth. Because the year is expected to be very favorable for marriage and birth, marriage will be strong and happy, and the children born in the year of the Snake, very smart, talented and able to achieve great success.

Black Water Snake has special approach to the representatives of each zodiac sign. Let's see what 2013 will be for us.



For Aries this year will be rich in positive changes in different spheres of life. The positive outcome is expected in solving housing and financial issues. If you have already got the required amount of money, you can safely plan the purchase or construction of housing. Aries expect happy changes in personal life - many lonely representatives of this sign will meet love in the year of the Snake. And not to miss destiny, try not to give up visiting fun activities, noisy celebrations - be on everyone's mind. But in the field of career mistress, the Aries does not promise an easy victory. In order to climb the corporate ladder, you have to work hard and not just to prove your leadership abilities. Aries will achieve success since the second half of the year. 



This year Taureans will feel a surge of strength and energy that will help them become successful in many areas of life. At work, they will generate new ideas and plans than deserve respect for leadership. In financial matters representatives of this sign will expect the unexpected profit - winning the lottery or debt repayment, which Taurus is no longer expected. But you need to dispose of the proceeds wisely. Do not buy everything, guided by emotions - be frugal, plan your purchases. This year wave of romance and positive expected Taurus in marriage. Although there is one condition: the Taurus star advised to keep their emotions to deal with stubbornness and categorical.




Gemini in 2013 will find good friends, that in the future they would have strong friendships and business relationships. Treat carefully these relations, because often we do step over important in our lives, not knowing who is friend and who is foe. In the field of career the way of Gemini may be interfered with by their colleagues. Successful and active representatives of this sign at work can be a cause for envy. To protect themselves from enemies, Gemini must exercise extreme care and tact in dealing with the team. Avoid opening your ideas and plans all in a row, and especially not to show off their achievements. This year's modesty is your best decoration.




Beginning of the year will not bring large sums of income, because in this period you will save, but thrifty Cancers have already get used to this shuffling events. Abundance financial state of representatives of this sign is closer to the summer. Indeed, in mid-2013 efforts of Cancers in career matters will be noticed, and in front of them will open up new horizons and opportunities. By the end of the year they will finally be able to carry out a cherished acquisition: for example, buy a car or land. At the end of the year in respect of certain family Cancers may have cracks, and becomes the cause of all natural stubbornness and coldness of representatives of this sign. To restore a sense its strength, stars often advised to perform spontaneous acts: surprise beloved with unexpected travels, surprises and just nice words. This will noticeably refresh your relationship.




This year the Lions finally will be engaged in those things that have long been delayed indefinitely. For example, will take up the study of foreign languages, or apply for a course at a driving school. Career of Lions will rapidly grow only in the second half of the year, and before that day will have to prove to everyone and themself that you are able to cope with the tasks. In the second half of the year Lions may have frequent conflicts with beloved ones. The reason for this was the constant employment of this sign at work. Problems in the family and bad impact on attitudes and state of health. Therefore, to keep the warmth and harmony in the relationship, you will have to work hard: try to spend more time with beloved ones, often arrange a joint vacation, or with your journey into a fascinating journey.




Virgin in 2013 will be able to implement many of its desires. I mean implement, as the most likely they have to pursue it. And there is little hope for the unexpected help of fortune. However, hard-working Virgos never rely on luck and earn their wealth and reputation only with their own labor. Improvements in the field of finance are expected for Virgos near the end of the year. It was at this period, and is scheduled for major acquisition. Stars recommend buying when choosing to focus on their own desires - the intuition you will not fail. In the beginning of summer at single sign representatives will have the opportunity to change their marital status - they are expected to meet new people and pleasant meeting.




For Libra Snake year will be rich in dramatic change of events. On the one hand they are waiting for positive change in terms of career and finance. Many Libra radically changed its line of business. For example, those who were engaged in the exact sciences and the calculations can be serious with a head dive into the creativity to find the artist or musician. On the other hand, in 2013, Libra will often enter into a struggle with his enemies and rivals. But what to do - people tend to envy other people's success and nothing has changed. What can you advise to Libra, it's patience and tact - in the second half of the year you will be able to explain everything and deal with their enemies.




In the year of the Snake Scorpios can, set high goals and successfully achieve them. Many will be able to take leadership positions in the workplace, or at least to increase the remuneration for their work. Initially, the economic snake push many Scorpios seriously address the improvement of their homes - to do repairs, changing the interior of the house. This over wisdom of this sign will be in high demand among friends and acquaintances, who will need their advice and help. For showing a cool head mistress the year will encourage single Scorpion on the personal front - bachelors have a chance to meet his love this year. 




Sagittarians in 2013, could face a serious choice in terms of career. They will do a lot of interesting, attractive job offers. But remember that a person always seems well, where it is not. So long as I do not advise to change jobs, especially in the first half of the year. Impulsive and "hot" Sagittarians are inclined to commit rash acts, and such actions have implications especially in the year of the Snake. To be a favorite for mistress of year, try not to make hasty decisions, and remember to listen to the advice of most of his relatives. In financial matters Sagittarius this year will have good luck, because in matters concerning money, do not be afraid to take risks, but remember that any risk must be justified - be judicious and carefully plan their actions.


Capricorn beginning of the year of the Black Water Snake can bring small loss in financial terms. Financial loss connected with the fact that someone from the family will need your help. But do not worry: it will not be a serious blow to the financial situation - will soon adjust to the financial balance, and your expenses will be reimbursed. In the second half of the year Capricorns need to be very careful - the fear of intrigue, gossip and conspiracy in the team. Maybe next to you will be malevolent, who hides behind a mask of dexterity good friend. In the privacy of unmarried Capricorn early in the year it will be a little quiet, but by the summer the start of the romantic adventures of a new relationship is not long in coming.


Aquarius this year will have good luck in business. If, for example, representatives of the sign were going to open a business, then in 2013 - it's time to address this issue. This will be a positive year for Aquarius and in terms of family relationships - many expected completion in the family. Active work, new discoveries and achievements await those representatives sign that deal with scientific activities. And that's what they need to take care about is health, and in particular - the nervous system. Advise impulsive Aquarius to relate easier to the conflicts and troubles in life to make up for the invested energy supply, often relax in nature.



In 2013, Pisces will be a real "gold fish" for your family and loved ones, whose lives will have to take an active part. But the performance of others will, it is well and good, and who will be engaged in your dreams? That's right, just you. By their nature, fish a little childish - in order to move forward, they need clear guidelines. In the second half of the year in an environment of Pisces just will be a person that will push them to take action. This will help members of this sign bring their dreams and plans to reality. The main thing to be careful and watch out for your patron of sight. In summer Pisces will be expect to meet new people and vivid emotions - it is possible that they will finally go to a long-awaited trip to tropical countries.


As a whole, the year of the Snake will be for us successful and positive. But to improve their financial well-being, to attract good fortune in 2013 is possible by means of amulets and talismans. I made a table that schematically told that bring success and prosperity of people of different signs of the zodiac this year, and gladly share this information with you: 

Zodiac sign

Birthstone for 2013 to bring prosperity

What will bring good luck in the Year of the Snake

Color, which will positively affect the energy in 2013



Cactus houseplant




figurine of fish or fish tank



tiger's eye

figurine of a cat or a pet cat




bamboo houseplant




houseplant money tree




houseplant lemon




figurine of a dog or a pet dog




nightingale or bird figurine Nightingale




animal figurine of a turtle or tortoise




ficus plant




aloe plant




figurine of a parrot or parakeet bird