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Blue Wooden Horse will be the mistress of 2014, which will bring many changes into our lives. And what they will be - it depends on us. The main thing is to find the right approach to the lady of the year. If you can make friends with it, it certainly will not remain deprived. Remember that the horse is generous to its friends, and hard on those who are trying to cheat it. Its main feature is the hard work, so in order to achieve success do not look for easy ways. The hostess of the year may well teach people used to go with the flow in the belief that everything goes by itself.

The horse is a symbol of freedom, movement and endurance. Because her favorites this year will be determined and independent personality. And representatives of creative professions will achieved considerable success. For them, this year will be fruitful and rich in inspiration.

In the financial sphere year of Blue wooden horse can be quite unstable. The considerable costs can follow a good profit. In order to keep the right balance you should treat money frugally, carefully consider your purchases and do not spend money unnecessarily.

In personal relationships you need to be as honest as possible with your loved ones. This quality is a priority for the hostess of the year. Avoid deception and innuendo. 2014 is a time when all the secret sooner or later become apparent.


In 2014, Aries will have enough strength and energy to realize their intended purpose. The only question is, will there be enough patience and perseverance for them. After all Aries are people of mood. But we must be prepared that success will not come immediately. On the contrary, the beginning of the year can be a challenge and crisis, especially in the field of career and finances. The situation will be improved closer to May. A most eventful and auspicious time for career achievements and financial transactions will be summer.

In the area of ​​personal relationships for singles Aries this year is an opportunity to lay the foundation for new relationships that have the potential to grow into a large and strong feeling. For family members of this sign 2014 will be ambiguous. On the one hand the romance and adventure missed by Aries will be added in the relationship with your favorite. But on the other hand beloved ones can not provide one more reason for resentment and doubt. To maintain harmony and comfort in the house, try not to make a scene. Remember that we, unfortunately, or fortunately, unable to register the script of his life. And everyone who comes in our way, lives his own life and, of course, he can be wrong. Wisdom is to be able to forgive those mistakes.


On the one hand, this year will open new opportunities for Taurus and new horizons. On the other hand, take advantage of these chances, some important things from representatives of this sign have to give up. For example, to move for a new position, or abandon his hobby for a new project that takes a lot of time. In addition, the hostess of the year again remind Taurus that they should count only on theirselves. After all, the people they trusted to, and whose support was call for, can bring in the most unexpected moment. Especially as concerns the financial solutions. So before you ask someone for help or advice, think... Did you yourself can handle?

In matters of love, this year will bring many changes. And, primarily internal. Taurus of his behavior sometimes resemble petulant child who does not know himself what he wants. And to establish privacy, representatives of this sign one should understand that the priority for them is what they want in a relationship.


For the Gemini 2014 is the abrupt change of events. Rushing forward, or say, up the carrear ladder can also move sharply in a state of calm and even discouragement. But the dual nature of the representatives of this sign will be the best asset in this situation. In general, will be successful in business. Before the Gemini will open the right doors, and the right people will meet on the way. There is even a probability to get a reliable and powerful patron. But this intense and fast-paced lifestyle, which asks the hostess of the year - Horse, could seriously undermine the health. So do not forget about healthy sleep, good food and sports. And do not let the excitement affect your nervous system. We all know that nerve cells do not regenerate.

In the private sphere for single Gemini this year will be very successful. Particularly the beginning will be rich in new acquaintances. Those representatives of the mark, who is already in a relationship, think about a more serious step. For example, many will decide to formalize their relationship or have children.


2014 for Cancers  is a time of spiritual self-improvement and work on yourself. Many things they'll look in a new way. For example, once again reconsider their attitude to the case, which involved, or return to the old, long-forgotten hobby. So do not be surprised if a representative of the sign would get far with shelves covered with dust stamp collection, which he began collecting as a child.

The most successful period for dealing with financial matters will be in May or April. At this time is to plan the resolution of important issues, such as the purchase of real estate, or a serious investment. In the area of ​​career in the first half of the year Cancers have to work for the future. Diligence and zeal in this field must bring results only in the second half of the year.

For single Cancers this year will bring new feelings and new relationships. But there is one condition: be more open so that build trust between you and your partner. Should not be closed in itself, looking back on the past mistakes. Learn to let go of the past and live the future. After all, if living in the heart of the offense, there is no room for new feelings.

Do family members of this sign in 2014 may have some difficulties. For the most part they are associated with raising children. To resolve all disputes by peaceful means, try to act wisely and in conversations choose a calm tone. Believe me, they will listen to you better.


For the Lions this year is time of conquering new heights and expand horizons. Patroness of the year will inspire representatives of this sign to do new and even unexpected for them themselves affairs. For example, those Lions, whose profession is associated with exact calculations and dry figures suddenly give a splash of his creative nature, which all this time was sitting somewhere inside. Take in hand, while very successful, canvas and brushes, will compose music, or manifest themselves as a designer with creativity came to the question of repairs in their apartment.

In financial matters you should not rely on the fact that everything goes by itself. To achieve success you will have to work hard. And by the way, to shift some of their problems on someone else's shoulders, as sometimes it's like to do the Lions, will not work. And in truth, it is not necessary, because the representatives of this sign has it all - mind, determination and skill to make quick decisions. So why rely on colleagues, friends or beloved ones. As the saying goes, if you want to do something good - do it yourself.

In the area of ​​personal relationships Lions should often yield to your partner. Remember that it is a duet. And to make it sound good, you need to adjust to each other. If it will constantly pull the blanket over himself - get dissonance from which hardly anyone will use.


This year for Virgos will be rich in new and useful contacts. Now representatives of this sign will be able to greatly expand their communications and find the right people in certain areas. But for that Virgos need to be in the center of events and deal with their inherent excessive shyness. Remember: so the ship is named, so it will float, so do not afraid to express themselves. Now is this most auspicious time for this.

In career matters Virgos will be successful. Because you can safely take on new projects to exploit new opportunities. Some representatives of this sign can even radically change their profession. But before you decide, well weigh all pros and cons. Maybe this time your self-critical inner voice is right after all: better to do quality and well what you are able, than chase a mirage, which is still so little known.

In the private sphere family representatives of this sign may be lacking in romance. But before you blame the coldness of his partner, remember what a pleasant and unexpected gift to your loved one for the last time you made. I'm afraid that will have to think well. After all, if a relationship is something wrong, the demand will be from the both. So do not rush to create conflict. Better arrange a romantic dinner and be sure that you will respond in kind.


2014 for Libras as a whole will be calm and measured. But Horse still teach some lessons representatives of this sign. The first of them will recall that decisions should be made independently, as difficult as it was not. Libras are naturally very insecure, it is easier to rely on others, and thereby absolve themselves of responsibility. And in the event of failure there will be someone to blame, but it's not possible that everything will turn out. And then success will not be completely yours. And in the Year of the Horse, this situation will be especially noticeable. Because if were in a difficult situation, do everything to find a way out on their own. Most likely, your choice will be the right one.

The second lesson is the ability to save. In financial matters should not expect stability - for considerable revenue will follow considerable waste. Because to live on a "here and now " will not work. Try and remember to save for tomorrow. Always better to be safe than to get into debt.

In matters of love Libras do not rush things and, especially, read between the lines. This is the first step to ensure that your expectations will be betrayed, and you grow cold to her partner. Try to enjoy what we have. Very often we miss the happy moments in pursuit of the ever elusive future.


The year of the Blue Wooden Horse for Scorpions is time of creative ups and career success. Right now, representatives of this sign will be easy to find like-minded people and enlist the support of reliable partners. But what Scorpios should beware, it's gossip. Now they can do serious harm to their reputation. In this regard, not sharpen attention and envious detractors on their successes, not to give them too much reason to let the various rumors about you.

Also this period will be successful for the Scorpions in matters related to real estate. And if the plans brewing buying a home, it is best to plan it this year. It is desirable in the second half. Autumn - early winter is the most favorable time for solving housing problems.

In personal relationships Scorpios need to be as open with his partner. Silence and isolation inherent representatives of this sign - not the best way to achieve harmony in this year. The horse is very straightforward. Because the words unsaid and hidden resentments inevitably spill over into conflict, and perhaps even a serious quarrel.


Sagittarians this year will bring career success. Representatives of this sign will be in the spotlight, which will allow them to demonstrate their professionalism and thereby earn a welcome boost. But for success, they still have to fight, and, if not strange, this struggle will be with yourself. Sagittarians who are representatives of the elements of fire, prone to impulsive acts rashly and often one word can well afford to annoy. Remember that sometimes appropriate to keep silent than to create conflict, and even more so with the leadership.

In financial matters Sagittarians will have good luck, that will allow them to realize their old plans. For example, buy a new car or go on a trip, which they have long been dreaming.

In the private sphere alone representatives of this sign have to be careful not to jump to conclusions about people. It is likely that a new acquaintance ended in disappointment at the time, when you build big plans for the future. But to withdraw into themselves, armed with a grain of salt, it is not necessary. Just do not throw in a sense, both in the pool with his head, especially if you are familiar with the man recently. And if the heart can not command, then try to follow the advice of friends. Sometimes the part really visible.


Year Blue Wooden Horses for Capricorns  is self-realization and self-improvement year. Representatives of this sign will be engaged in filling the gaps in their knowledge, while clutching it for the study of foreign languages, for refresher courses. But what they may not be enough in such an effort - so it is patience and perseverance. After all Capricorns tend to quickly ignite interest in something new, but just as quickly and cool down.

In the labor sphere of activity this year for Capricorns will not bring significant progress. In this connection, they can be sad, considering that their diligence and zeal in vain. But do not get discouraged and give up. Earlier this year, will need to work hard on its authority to then he worked for you

In financial cases Capricorns do not trust unfamiliar people - you can be misleading.

But for the sphere of personal relationships in 2014 for Capricorns will be very favorable. For example, a marriage made in this period will be strong and successful.


Aquarius this year expect tangible changes. And above all, they will be internal. Some long goals can be reached only when you change the attitude towards them. For example, a welcome boost in your career will come only when you start working for the soul, and not for the sake of promotion.

Also this year will be successful for solving problems with real estate. So we can safely begin to build a house, or repair - difficulties in your way is not expected, except that pleasant chores. Income will be stable, which will reflect on expensive purchases and serious investment. But do not hurry up, because in the most unexpected moment there can be a new graph for spending because better preserve their savings.

In matters of personal life family Aquarius expected full idyll, because the relationship is all that is necessary representatives of this sign - passion, romance and understanding.


Year Blue Wooden Horses for Pisces is a period of mental equilibrium. Despite the violence of the vital river, representatives of this sign will be able to keep calm. Do not stir them or difficulties at work or financial discrepancies. Fish do not set themselves ambitious, unrealistic goals, so rarely disappoints. A perceived failure as an excuse to work on ourselves.

In a career in Pisces may conflict with colleagues. And to further your opinion considered, you need to stand firm. That will be a serious challenge for non-conflicted and compliant Pisces.

In financial issues representatives of this sign can safely rely on your intuition. For them it would be the best adviser.

With regard to privacy, everything is in the hands of Pisces. Stars give every chance lonely representatives of this sign to end his bachelor life. Only need to use them. Agree, it's silly to expect that you will love if you closed and no one was waiting.