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Hayal Alekperov predicted the future of Italian cinema star Ornella Muti

March 11, 2012

In the first edition of "The Battle of Psychics. War of the Titans" a global star - loved by all Ornella Muti, an Italian actress was invited for participation in the test "Mr. X". Despite the incredible cold, compared to the sultry Italian, the actress did not cancel a trip to Ukraine, as she firmly decided to test the worth of people with supernormal abilities. The task for the psychics was only by the movements of the star, whom the members of the Battle saw on a special screen in the form of gold dust, to determine who tests their abilities. All psychics have coped with the test well, but some of them managed to particularly impress Ornella Muti. Clairvoyant from Azerbaijan, Alekperov Hayal impressed actress so much that she went to talk to him. We became curious about what the star talked to the psychic, and we asked him some questions about it.

- Hayal, what is your favorite film starring Ornella Muti?

- Ornella Muti played so many good roles. She has played in more than one hundred films. But my favorite picture with her participation is "The Taming of the Shrew" and "Madly in love," where she played together with the legendary actor and singer Adriano Celentano.

- Very often, people accept as truth the image of the star, which they see on the screen. And celebrity can be a completely different person in life. Psychics, probably easily see who is who. Hayal, it is very interesting, what person Ornella Muti really is?

- When I organized myself to the test, I felt that this would be the person with whom I have a lot in common. And I'm not mistaken. After all, Ornella Muti at an early age became a protector, breadwinner for his family. Life circumstances forced her to grow up sooner. I've seen that many times it can go the right way, get lost in life. But this did not happen - some force led her through life. She, despite her apparent fragility, climbed, did not give up. The actress’ heart was broken many times, she was deceived, but she remained a bright woman with a pure soul. Despite the fame and wealth - the main thing for this woman is happiness of her family and beloved. Now - the most important thing for her - her children. She is ready to do anything for them.

- Hayal, what were you talking with the star? What did she ask you?

- Ornella Muti asked to see what awaits her in the future. I saw that she would be happy. Her children will have a good career. A daughter who is very similar to my mother will achieve a particular success in the profession, and also became an actress. Ornella Muti has invested much effort into her business - I saw that God will reward her efforts. She managed to pass all the tests of life with dignity, and now she has all to be happy - a beloved one, loving children and a favorite thing to do.

- Thank you for the interview, Hayal. We wish you good luck in future tests.