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"All our life situations are the result of our thoughts and actions." Interview with the winner of the 10th season of "The Battle of Psychics" in Ukraine Hayal Alekperov

May 25, 2012

- Hayal, hello! We congratulate you on your victory in the tenth anniversary "Battle of Psychics" in Ukraine. This season surprised us with supercomplex unexpected tests and investigations tearing our soul. Psychics have experienced themselves in different roles, but, more importantly, gave people hope in life and helped to restore justice in many intricate stories. Hayal, tell us please about your experience to participate in such a large scale, rating project?

- Thank you very much for your congratulations! The tenth "Battle" was a very difficult and demanding of all the participants really did titanic effort. When viewers watch a program on TV, they probably have no idea how difficult and time consuming the shooting process was, how much effort were spent by the project participants and employees of the channel. But no one promised it would be easy: "The Battle" is "The Battle".

- Hayal, you spent a lot of power, decent passing tests on the project. How will you recover your strength? Where will you go to rest?

- I really missed my family, at home. So I will go to get rest to my hometown of Ganja. I was there waiting for my family, my little nephews and nieces, whom I madly love. I promised them that when I come back, we will go to the mountains for a picnic.
But I restore my strength with a prayer, because, as always, I will pray and go to the holy places.

- In one program it was said that the rivalry between the participants of the 10th "Battle" was so strong that some psychics arranged power attack to each other even? Hayal, were you touched by it somehow?

- First of all, psychics are also people, and also react emotionally to different situations - hence it provides the conflict. Each solves them as he can. I tried not to pay attention to all these thing, and concentrate on the business to help people who have applied to us.

- After your victory in the 10th season, STB-channel forum, a group of "Battle of Psychics" in social networks exploded with opinion of people who expressed their admiration for you. But occasionally not very nice words about your victory can be seen and. Hayal, how can you comment on that?

- You cannot please everyone, and it should be accepted. I do not hold a grudge against his detractors, I can only wish them good luck, may they have everything good in life.

- In the life of any person, sooner or later there comes a point when he tries to understand why he was sent into this world? Hayal, how do you know about his mission in life?

- Sometimes man live life and do not realize what was his mission, but it turns out, he does it every day. For someone the mission is the only one act of his life, for others a daily routine. God knows better than we what we need. We is a tool in his hands.
For example, you is a director and you fired someone today. For you - this is a test for this man - a lesson, and if you did it in accord with your conscience, then today you passed the test, and fulfilled your mission. This is a trivial example, there is no need to look for something strange and unknown. All there, all around us. You just need to take responsibility for your every deed, and that's all.

- Hayal, in recent years people are increasingly connecting their life trouble with concepts such as damage, evil eye, a curse. Please tell us what it is?

- Damage is an action. Negative impact on the human body by magical means. Which goal is the enslavement of the will, depression of consciousness, poor health and even death. Typically, damage is passed through the lining, money, jewelry ...
Evil eye is a glance. Accidental, unintended negative impact. The man looked at you man, was jealous of your beauty, intelligence, and give you an evil eye. Although he did not carried out any rituals. He did it unintentionally. Curse is the word. Plus emotions. This is a very strong negative impact that man can commit against another person. With the help of various magical rituals and spells, appeals to the dark forces, the one who curses may cause insurmountable difficulties, troubles, illness of another person, or even for his whole family. As a rule, the cause of the curse is a strong resentment of a man who cursed at those he wants in such a way to get revenge.

- And how a man can understand that it is a negative on him?

- If a man lives in harmony with his conscience, does not sin, does good deeds, is not a lazy - but his life is constantly unlucky, it may be due to some negative effects. But everything is not so simple. Everyone in life faces with some difficulties, troubles, diseases. And only master can understand the causes of disasters and misfortunes. Very often people do not want to see their own sins.

- Hayal, but it is true that some people are more prone to damage and the evil eye, and others - less?

- I'll try to explain to you a simple example. We know people who have weak immune system are more susceptible to various diseases. The same applies to the negative impacts. If a person is energetically very weak, the negatives "stick" to him very quickly. I noticed that people born under the sign of Scorpio, Libra and Virgo have the strong energy. The religious people are also more protected in this respect. After all, the best defense is a prayer. If a person loves God and lives in harmony with his commandments, God protects him.

- People are always trying to satisfy their curiosity, to look into the future. And turning to fortune-tellers on this occasion. Tell me if it can hurt?

- If there are some difficult issues in a person's life, and he got confused, does not know what to do, then it is not dangerous to turn to a strong master, but on the contrary, it is useful. He will give good advice, tell you how to get out of the situation. I would not recommend to apply to a variety of fortune-tellers just for the sake of curiosity. People, who attracted trouble into their life in such a way addressed to me several times. For example, a girl came up to me, she did not go well in personal life. I saw a negative impact on her. Negative was made by the middle-aged woman, as you say witch. The girl went to her for fun. She made every effort to verify the fortune-teller, asked her a lot of stupid questions and laughed at the same time. She took offense at such a disrespectful attitude – and she wished many bad things to her, so that she had the reason to contact psychics. I helped the girl, but advised to continue to be cautious. And I recommend to all readers - if there is no need – do not test your fate and go to the masters for fun.

- Hayal, on this occasion, I want to ask you a question. All beloved men of one of my friend pass away? She considers herself a "black widow". Please tell us a little about this phenomenon.

- I had to deal with such cases. Women whose husbands are dying one after the other are called black widows. This can be a consequence of the negative impact. But very often these women are not even aware that they themselves are the cause of death of their husbands, feeding with their energy. In tropical countries there are spiders karakurt, which is also called "black widows." After intercourse, the female spider "black widow" eats the male. Something similar happens in our case. Only women "eat" their husbands not physically, but energetically.

- And why is this happening?

- The fact that all of us, except for food, feed ourselves with energy. One man takes it from plants, the other - from the sun, and so on. A "black widows" take energy away from their husbands. This occurs most often through sexual contact. Vitality of a man who is beside her, exhausts. He gets sick and dies. Or, since he becomes energetically weak, variety of negatives begin to stick to him, and as a result a disaster can happen. In any case, if this person does not deviate from their women, he is expected by early death. A "black widow" may not even be aware of the causes of disasters that happen to her beloved ones.

- Is it possible to do something to help the "black widow"?

- Yes, it is necessary to "reprogram" - to make it in such a way that she does not replenish the supply of energy from their husbands, but from another source. For example, from outer space.

- Hayal, many people believe in fatalism, that is, in fact, that their fate cannot be changed. What can you say about this?

- The fate of each person has some planned main points. God gives a man the family, a certain place in society - this cannot be changed. As a child, a person cannot sin. He lives the way God tells him. But as soon as we make the first conscious actions of in our lives, we begin to make choices - what to do in any given situation - we are beginning to influence our own destiny. It's like at a crossroads - you stand, and decide where to go. And tomorrow will depend on your step. All our life situations are the result of our thoughts and actions. God can send a man good fortune, prosperity. But if a person commits bad deeds, burns his life - God may punish that person. Or, conversely, to reward for a righteous life. Fate is as a movement on the road. Turn wrong, go ahead of someone offending him, and after many miles something breaks down and one you have offended 300 miles ago will decide whether to help you or not.

- Hayal, and can you change the destiny of man?

- I can help to change the destiny of man, if there is a spell, curse on him. But if God himself affects his fate, I am powerless here. In fact, I cannot compete with God, we all carry out his wishes.