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"As the numbers affect the destiny of man?" - An interview with twice winner of the "Battle of psychics" in Ukraine Hayal Alekperov

Oct 24, 2012

Hayal, visitors of your forum often ask the question of influence of numbers on the destiny of man. People try to understand that their fate depends on the numbers, what numbers you need to surround yourself with, and what to avoid. But the average person who does not have superhuman abilities, easily get lost in the infinity of theories about the meaning of numbers. To understand this issue, we have decided to write to you.

- They say a person's fate is decided by the date of his birth. Is this really true?

- The fate of each of us is in God's hands. It is He who decides when we should be born. Because each of us has a mission in this world, and it should take place at a certain time. For example, I was treated the couple, who for many years trying to have a child. Despite the fact that they are physically healthy, all their attempts finished with zero. I see that they have a baby, just not the time. This is the will of God: the child will be born at a time when he should be born, because on the date of birth he will receive his own destiny.

Date of birth is not a random set of numbers, and some kind of code with which a person receives certain character traits, abilities, aptitudes. People are trying to unravel these relationships for centuries. So on astrology - the science that studies the influence of heavenly bodies on the fate of the person on the basis of the zodiac signs and numerology - the study of the language of numbers. The number, like everything in this world has its own energy. And it leaves its mark on the destiny of man.

For example, if the year of birth of the person contains a zero, then we can say that it is - an innovator. Zero is the number of start.

If the date of birth is dominated by three, then that person is prone to analysis. It's hard for him to make a choice. Let's say he goes to the store and he for a long time can not decide what to choose, he will be in doubt. Such people often indecisive and tend to give the initiative in other’s hands.

- And happy and tragic incidents in the lives of people are associated with the numbers. Tell us about the lucky and unlucky numbers?

- It is believed that some human figures bring good luck, others - trouble. The main thing - time to figure out what numbers affect you positively, and what - negatively. To do this, just be observant, or ask a knowledgeable person who will give you the right advice.

Sometimes the same numbers play a pivotal role in human life many times. So, I was addressed by a woman who had an unpleasant event when she was 42 - she had an accident. Her brother was injured in 42 – a household injury. Mother of this woman became seriously ill in her 42. For this family 42 is unlucky number.

Lucky number brings man some happy events, attracts good luck. Here we must not miss the chance. But you can not blindly trust a few matches, you need to know exactly what number will be happy for you.

- Some people believe that a properly chosen date of marriage can influence the family life. So when is it better to get married? How to calculate the date of the wedding?

- Choosing a partner can influence the married life, as well as relation to him (laughs). But there are certain days when people should not get married - the days of major religious holidays. Wedding on these days is a big sin, which can then affect the whole life of the couple.

- The Ukrainians are very superstitious people, so they often do not celebrate its fortieth anniversary. Is there any mystery in "forty"?

- Based on the Christian tradition, the number forty has such symbolic significance because the soul after death can dwell on the earth for forty days. Forty years of age can be considered a kind of edge, as this is the age a person becomes aware of his life and itself in this world. Many people sum up - what they achieved, whether they chose a correct path in life. And to those who came down from the right course, spent his life on the stupid, self-destructive things, it is difficult to cross this milestone. And those who live by the will of God does not sin, easily step over the line of the fortieth birthday.

As for the birthday party - I certainly do not presume to argue with the Slavic tradition, but as for me, if God has given you years of life, you should be grateful.

- Please tell us about the number 13. Does it have a negative content, and whether one should be afraid of that?

- Historically, number 13 is called a bad number, "Baker's Dozen." Our people even have a legend that there were 13 of the dark forces that are evil. People are so afraid of them that moved their own by the number 13. But still, it is not necessary to grant it such a terrible value. I am not excited about 13.

- And what about the worst combination in our view 666?

- People tend to think that three sixes is a sign of Satan. The Bible says the "number of the beast." But all of this is symbolic and is connected only to the Christian religion. This combination is attributed to the names and dates of birth of world-famous bloody tyrants, such as the Roman Emperor Nero, for example. But, in my opinion, these theories are very relative. I do not see nothing bad and the supernatural in a combination of numbers "666".

- Hayal, what is your favorite number and why?

- My favorite number - the "four". For me, it has a kind of magnetic force. Four - the number of saint’s forces. Also for me it symbolizes stability, permanence, which I really appreciate in life.

- Going back to our Ukrainian traditions, I would like to ask about the numbers that are considered to have sacred - 3, 9 and 12?

- Three - is the most sacred number for the Christians, the number of the Holy Trinity. People cross themselves three times, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Number multiplied by three, also have a sacred power. For me, the number "three" means a collective term - two good people pray to God.

- Is there a favorable date for starting new businesses?

- I would not advise to take on new business at the beginning of this month. Better to do it in the middle, or the end of the month. Energetically, this period will be more favorable and your business will have a better chance of success. But if a person feels that he needs to work at this time, he should do it. Indeed, the Guardian Angel has always been with us and tells us what to do and when.

- Should you worry if your home address contains some "bad" numbers? And what to do to fix it?

- First of all, you need to make you feel comfortable in the house. His number is not important. Of course, if you are uncomfortable in the house at number thirteen, then it is necessary to take action.

- Hayal, very often it happens that a person wakes up in one and the same time without an alarm clock? What could this mean?

- I think this is no mystery. Just a man is afraid to miss something important in his life (and our brain, as we all know, works even in sleep) and just programmed himself to wake up at a certain time. There's no mystery.

- We are used to seven as a number of good luck. Is this really true?

- Seven is a bright figure, the number of angels. It has a very positive effect on people. People believe that the number "seven" bring good luck and there is a great deal of truth in it. This number is of very positive energy, it draws lucks to a man. Seven is also a lucky number, it has opened for me a wonderful country like Ukraine. After all, here I was first invited to the shooting of the 7th season of "The Battle of the Psychics," and it happened so that I was a winner.

- In conclusion, I would like to ask the last question. How should people protect against the adverse effects of numbers on their fate and bring success and good luck?

- How to protect... First, do not get attached to the numbers. If a person wants to be happy and does all for this, then so be it, regardless of the number and the date. Our destiny is our actions. And if you do not program yourself to the fact that, say, "eight" is my unlucky number, so it will be so. It is necessary, first of all, to believe in God and live according to its laws. But in general, listen to your intuition, be observant, and then you will see how many of you are happy, and on what should stay away.