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"Important information comes in a dream when this is God's will" - clairvoyant Hayal Alekperov tells about prophetic dreams, their interpretation and meaning

May 14, 2013

When we are immersed in a dream, unbelievable pictures have opened up before us. Sometimes they are incredibly beautiful, sometimes shocking and scary. In our dreams, we are transported in time and space, we see different people - living and dead, total strangers, or their relatives and friends. And most surprisingly, sometimes the events taking place in our dreams come true in real life. Almost everyone can confirm these mystical coincidences, even the most inveterate sceptic. And then how you can call the dreams simply "the result of the activity of our brain?" Science has no actual answers to this and many other issues. To understand what a "prophetic dreams" are and how to interpret them, we asked twice winner of the "Battle of the Psychics" in Ukraine (7 season of "The War of the Worlds" and the 10 season of "The War of the Titans"), an expert of the "Psychics leads the investigation" (STB TV-channel) clairvoyant from Azerbaijan Hayal Alekperov.

- Hayal, tell me, what is a "prophetic dream"?

- As you know, our brain works, even when we sleep. Often, people dream of the images associated with their dreams, feelings and experiences. But there are special dreams that we call prophetic. This is - hint, the important information sent to us from above. Sometimes it is straightforward and it is easy to understand a dream. Sometimes the meaning of the dream is encrypted in symbolic images, and it is much more difficult to unravel. Even in ancient times, our ancestors tried to understand the meaning of the images from dreams to apply this information to their benefit. The Christian Bible, for example, tells of the wise King Solomon (the Muslims treat him as the Great Prophet) who knew how to interpret dreams. Also, if you carefully read the holy books, you can find a lot of references to the sages who guessed dreams, or how God is going into their dream, communicated with the chosen people. But to explain the nature of the prophetic dream something is scientifically impossible. This is our connection to the subtle world. It is difficult for person to fully grasp the concepts.

- How one can understand that the dream is "prophetic"?

- It is difficult to give an unequivocal advice, because each person is an individual. There are people who do not attach importance to their dreams, and rarely remember them in the morning. There are very impressionable persons, who, looking, for example, a horror film, see the nightmares and the next morning they remembered well, but this is due to the human psyche, not with delicate matters. As a rule, a prophetic dream is different from ordinary dreams, it cuts into the memory of a certain bright detail. After it mind remains alert, experience, or warm, pleasant feeling of tranquillity and harmony. And if a person has a well-developed intuition, he will immediately understand if his dream is prophetic or not.

- We have assumed that the prophetic dreams come from Thursday to Friday. Is it really so? Or perhaps there are other times when dreams are prophetic.

- I did hear from a lot of Ukrainians that dreams from Thursday to Friday are prophetic, but I cannot say that this belief is true. For example, one of my good friend sometimes goes all day frowning. It appears, from Thursday to Friday he had a bad dream. My friend found it prophetic and walks in anticipation of trouble. I have to spend a lot of effort to convince him that he was not in danger. The fact that my friend is very devoted to his work, and going through even the pettiest issue. His experiences are reflected in the subconscious, and then he sees disturbing dreams on the failures of his career. But you cannot take the game of my subconscious for a prophetic dream. You know, those dreams are our relationship with God, with the Holy forces, and there is no precise timetable. Important information comes in a dream when this is God's will.

- It is said that during sleep our soul leaves the body and travels to other worlds, hence the amazing dreams, images and pictures that we see. Is it really so? Can we call a dream "little death"?

- No, that's not entirely true. During life the body and the soul of man are inseparable. But there are very rare exceptions. Several times I had to talk to people, the soul that leaves the body during sleep and fell into other worlds. Such a state they achieved through secret rituals, but believe me, practice these "travel" is very dangerous, because the uninitiated person may attract a lot of negativity, and then even go crazy.

- Hayal, a friend of mine often dream of her dead grandmother. Tell me, what does it mean if dead people come into a dream?

- The deceased men are never in a dream just like that. They come to pass information to tell about something. For example, dead parents try to protect their children out of trouble and misery, to warn of the danger. But basically, if you dream about the deceased person, it means that his spirit is concerned about something, and for him to pray, light a candle in the church, as do Christians. There are also cases where the deceased in a dream is calling for a person, or even takes the hand and wants to lead. It's a really bad sign, and in this case it is necessary to go to the grave of the deceased, and to pray to prevent disasters and troubles. And to pray in the church or other sacred place for his health and his family.

- Hayal, for you as a man who has the gift of clairvoyance it is very easy to determine if a dream prophetic was or not. Perhaps also you can easily interpret significance of dreams. But what about the ordinary people who do not have such powers?

- Of course, since everyone is different, everyone can interpret the meaning of dreams in different ways. But there are certain symbols and images, the appearance of a dream which has a specific meaning. In this regard, I made a little dream book, and I hope that it will help our readers in the interpretation of their dreams.

Book of dream interpretations


To dream a car collision, the destruction of buildings or explosion - to quarrels and scandals.

Pregnant woman

If you had a dream about a pregnant woman, it means that you expect a change, most often this is due to the scope of the work. You may be offered a new position.

The poor man, beggar

To see a beggar or a homeless person in a dream - which means that your deceased ancestors are restless, you need to pray for them.

A sick man

To see the patient, a weak man - to the losses and hardships.

The witch or sorcerer

To dream a witch, sorcerer or magic rituals means that someone sends you a negative.


To see clean water in a dream - to joy. If the ailing man dreams that he is bathed in pure water - which means a speedy deliverance from ailments.

To see dirty water or swamp - to disease or trouble.


To dream a thief means that the circle of people close to you has some detractors.


To dream a pigeon - a good sign. This means that await you glad tidings.


To dream the naked man, or his own nakedness - a call for caution. Your sincerity and frankness can be used against you, so ponder well on every word.


To dream a storm, or a storm raging sea - means that your path will have many obstacles and will have to gather the courage to overcome them.


If you had a little boy, then you will be successful, or successful completion of cases initiated by you.

To see a little girl in a dream - to frustration, circumstances can arise quite the way you expect.


A fight in a dream foretells that you will soon expect a fun event.


High, powerful tree means that you will be able to overcome life's obstacles. Dry, withering tree in a dream - to disease.


If you have seen fence in a dream – it means to achieve their goals you will need to overcome many obstacles. Also, the dream may mean that someone makes negative to you.


For Muslims to see a snake in a dream - to distant trips and travel. In the Christian faith it symbolizes cunning and meanness. Because if you had a dream about a snake, so you have to be careful – intrigues are made against you.


If you dreamed of an icon, then the Saints Force will help you in your endeavors and initiatives, conceived and realized by you.


The chicken or the egg in a dream foretells a small profit.


A dream in which a cow or calf dream foretells improving your well-being.


A cat or kitten to dream, it means that on your way to meet a person who later becomes a good friend. Although, I noticed a strange pattern: the Christian meaning of this dream is opposite, that is, if you dream of a cat - then you have got an enemy.


If you had a blood means that soon you will have a loyal friend. Also, this symbol has another meaning. Blood in a dream means that you expect a joyful event. And, if you have dreamed a bad dream, but in the end you see blood, you do not need to bother. Nothing wrong threatens you.


Wander through a maze in a dream means that you have chosen the wrong way, it might be worth to change some of their solutions.


To dream bat - for profit.


See horses in a dream - the fulfilment of desires. If you dreamed of a white horse, so soon your dream will come true.


Ants or other insects in dream means diseases and ailments.


Fire, or to see a fire in a dream - the bad news.


To dream wedding - for the good news.


If you dream that you or your beloved one died-that's a good sign. So God has measured out to you a long life.


A dog or puppy dreams to gossip. You may have appeared envious or ill-wisher, who discusses you. The Christians have the dog as symbol for a true friend.

The old man or old woman

The appearance of an old dream or an old person means that some events in life will make you wiser.


If you had a tiger or a lion - be careful, you will have a powerful enemy.


To dream flowers or flower garden - a very good sign. This dream portends a joyful, pleasant events. Collect flowers in a dream - to the praise and recognition of your achievements.


To see roma or gypsy in a dream - to financial losses, poverty.


To dream of a pit - to the difficulties. Perhaps your detractors are preparing a trap for you.

- Thank you, Hayal, for such wonderful tips.

- Happy to help. But remember, even if you dreamed about something bad, do not be scared. Prophetic dream is not a sentence, but a warning. It is only up to you whether a dream come true or not. Develop your intuition, learn to hear the clues in your dreams, then be able to prevent many unpleasant events and attract happiness and good fortune.