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We care about your safety, that's why we publish the following information to help to protect yourself from scams:

  • Hayal is not involved in drawing up the online tests or predictions of the future based on the results of the test. Keep in mind that these polls have nothing to do with extrasensory, and even more so they do not have a drop of reliable information.
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  • All references to the actual page of Hayal, and e-mail addresses to which you can write, is at the official website of Hayal in the "Contact Us".

Be careful and cautious. Do not give opportunities for frauds to cheat you!

"True love comes by the will of God, and it cannot be affected with love spells..." - Hayal Alekperov said about whether the magic can attract love into our lives


There is a proverb: "love cannot be forced". But often people argue with this truth in an effort to rebuild their personal lives, draw to themselves a man or a woman of their "dream". In order to do this, we sharpen as we can: try to look better than it actually is, both externally and internally. Hide our shortcomings under the deceptive veil. We strive for excellence, reach heights, so to draw attention to ourselves. This way is not an easy task, and our hopes are not always justified. However, other more drastic methods are known. For example, magic spells and love spells. It is necessary to look through newspaper advertisements, and be sure to see the ads that another hereditary witch promises to get you to your chosen person. And here you dial a number specified by a sorceress, hoping to fall in love with "Mr. Right" or " Ms. Right". And do not even suspect that, what they are actually dealing with. And in order to understand in detail, can the magic attract love into our lives, understand what a spell, we turned to the seer, twice winner of the "Battle of the Psychics" in Ukraine - Hayal Alekperov.

- Hayal, explain please us and all the readers what in fact a love spell is?

- First of all, everyone should understand that spell - this is a very big sin. Spell, as well as damage or a curse - it's a kind of magic strong negative impact. Only it is not aimed at the destruction, and the complete suppression of the will. Man doing a love spell on someone, thereby selects his destiny assigned by God. Attracted man loses sobriety of reason, and, indeed, the goal of his life. His only desire is to be with those who bewitch him. Person, which has such a negative, begin to be tortured with intrusive thoughts or dreams disturbing dreams, he loses his appetite and sense of apathy to the whole environment. Sometimes the spell may even be a cause of various diseases, alcohol, drug abuse, or even madness.

- Yes, indeed, it is very different from the way to get happiness...

- Moreover, it is a way to make you miserable, and the one who is charmed. Indeed, in this case, the one who casts a spell, shall enter into a deal with the dark forces. And very often people being foolishly naive or who decided to take this step, do not even think about the fact that he does. It's like he signed an important contract without reading the fine print text, which, as usual, is always the most important, and the results can be sad, and even tragic. I have encountered similar situations more than once. For example, one day a woman came to me who had been suffering from insomnia. At night, her nightmares, they do not allow her to sleep, and because of the constant lack of sleep occurred even hallucinations. The woman thought that it is damage, because apart from sleep problems and health, fails faced her at every turn. She was more than forty and had neither beloved one, nor children - it did not happen somehow. But, considering the situation, I saw that the woman herself was blamed for their problems. I felt that she was doing black magic. More specifically, when the spell is done. I found out that being a young girl, she wanted to marry a wealthy, successful man, who lived next door, and she liked him madly. Woman is not confused by the fact that he already had a wife and young daughter. The young and very single-minded beauty initially tried to draw attention to herself, but when another attempt to interest a man failed, decided to do a love spell. She went to a wise woman, who agreed to help her. First man really paid attention to the girl, but then changed his courtship to aggression. And then it became worse – charmed man threw a good job and started drinking... This girl groom certainly did not want to, and over time, moved and forgot all about this story. And she did not create a family, and other people's family was destroyed. But these things never have consequences, but rather it is a conspiracy of the reservation, the same text in small type, which condemns to the suffering of all those who turned to the dark forces.

By her actions, the girl turned away from himself fate, her life was crumbling. I helped her - took ​​this negative out of her, and charmed men. But a woman needs a lot of praying and asking God's forgiveness for his actions. Maybe she still had time to get her life back on track. God will help her in this, if it will.

- But they say that there is a conspiracy harmless. At least on the Internet, we found a plot, and tips on how to do them.

- As for the spells and tips that can be found on the Internet and in books, dark magic manuals, I do not advise you to believe everything that is written. Firstly, it is unlikely the one who is actually engaged in magic, will reveal their secrets. After all this information is the secret of their strength. But also I do not advise to experiment with such conspiracies and spells. We must remember that every word carries a certain energy that can affect our lives. The uninitiated should not take up such delicate matter. Do not believe the fact magicians, sorcerers, or sage, promising to secure a love spell that will not lead to bad consequences. Spell, whatever it may be - is an energetic assault on a person, the oppression of his mind and will.

- But maybe there still are safe ways to attract good luck in personal life?

- Of course, there are such methods. For example, charms can help to attract the attention of the opposite sex. For women, stones: turquoise, aquamarine and moonstone. Pendant or bracelet with one of these stones will make a woman alluring, mysterious and fascinating. Strong sex in the eyes of women courage and self-confidence will add hematite, jade and agate. Wearing these gems with you, you'll enjoy success with the opposite sex and the predestined half will be easier to find you. But this has nothing to do with the love spell. The action of these amulets to stand out from the crowd, to attract the attention of its owner.

- What will you advise those readers who have not met their love...

- True love comes by the will of God, and it can not be influenced by any spells or love spell. Higher forces determine to us the man for life. And trying to argue with them, we get the well-deserved punishment. The problem is that people find it difficult to define what happiness means for them. Man spies it from other, is jealous and lives someone else's life. But because everyone has his own happiness and love. One must believe in it and do not lose hope.