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One Cannot Buy a Gift: It Either Exists or It Does Not Interview with a Winner of the 7th Season of Battle of the Psychics. War of the Worlds Hayal Alekperov

15 February 2011

“Hello, Hayal.”


“Thank you for finding time to talk. We know from the program Battle of the Psychics that you are a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson Imam Rza. Is this true?”

“Yes, it is. In fact, the prophets were in my father’s and mother’s kind. My mother’s kind stretches from Imam Rza - she is his maternal great-granddaughter in the eighth generation. My father is an indirect descendant of the seventh grandson of Magomed Imam Musey-Kyazym. But the gift was not transferred to my father.”

“Who else in your family has the same powers as you do?”

“The same gift was given to my mother and sister Zhal. But they refused to use it, preferring family happiness to it. Mother received me in return. The holy powers have temporarily left my sister and promised to return at a certain time when she is ready to devote her life to people. My brother also has some powers, but not to the same extent as my sister and I do. He has the ability to determine the sex of the future child and sees the prophetic dreams.”

“In your national battle you become a finalist, but the winner was your competitor Sabuhi Imanov. In Ukraine, you got the victory. Does this mean that you grew up during this time, improved you gift, or you just had more opportunities to express yourself in Ukraine?”

“It is impossible to improve a gift. It either exists or it does not. And it remained the same as it was half years ago, ten years ago and at birth. The thing is that the Azerbaijani Battle was my first experience in television project. Previously, I've never worked in front of the camera and it snarled me up very much. Just as well as many TV workers at the site - each have his own aura, his life, his problems, which I delicately feel. Eventually, I just learned to ignore everything outside and concentrate on the main.

Besides, in Ukraine the tests were more diverse, it enabled to fully show my abilities. And I was helped by the holy power of your land and your religion. When I was invited to take part in the international battle in Ukraine, I thought, whether I should go there: a foreign country, foreign people, foreign language, I have nobody there. I was not sure I can express myself under such circumstances. A vision helped me to make a decision. I saw Jesus Christ, he is one of our prophets. He told me that I should go, that he opened this path for me and would give me the strength. He said that his people needed me. And I went.”

“Was it difficult to take part in the Ukrainian Battle?”

“Participation in the Battle of the Psychics, it does not matter Ukrainian or Azerbaijani, is a great challenge. It requires a lot of efforts and energy. In addition, the tests were much difficult in Ukraine. Both in terms of energy consumption, as well as psychological and emotional aspects. In Azerbaijan we had no tests associated with murders and deaths, there were no tests associated with a curse, hexes, and other such things. These things are dangerous themselves, as a contact with them is a threat for both the crew and the psychics. In order to cope with them, you must be a good master, understand the matter of the process and know how to protect yourself and others from this negative. But this is my specialty, and therefore these tests gave me the opportunity to express myself the most. And I am grateful to the Ukrainian people that they appreciated my abilities and efforts.

“It is rumoured that you are a black magician with all your religiosity. Is it true?”

“In fact, there is no clear distinction between the black and the white. Any master, unless he is an amateur, but professional, should be able to work both with dark forces and with white ones, which I call holy. As you know, there is an antidote for every poison. Knowing how the damage was made, it is easier to find a way to resist it. In order to help a person, I must determine how the negative was introduced into his life, in other words, make a diagnosis. I need to know how the hex was done, or a curse was inflicted, and it concerns the black forces. Not being able to work with them, I will be blind, I cannot determine the reason of everything that happens in a person’s life, and I cannot help him, no matter what holy forces I would call.

For example, a person says that over the past two months his heart suddenly started to ache for no reason, he has the symptoms of an unexplained depression, he lost the sense in life, there is some weakness, which may suddenly turn into aggression (as much, that a person has no control over himself, he throws himself on the family). And at the same time he is constantly accompanied with some troubles related to his health - an accident (fell down the stairs, as if someone pushed him and broke his leg), cut himself while working with glass (cut a vein and almost bled to death), got into an accident with multiple injuries of a head and other body parts. I make a certain ritual and understand that a person is hexed to his death. In order to help him, we must also understand how it was done. There are many ways: one can bury his photo in a cemetery, one can cast a hex spell to the doll, clothing, earth from the cemetery, and so on. The hex is removed using the same materials with which it was made. But I will note: it is easy to cast a hex spell and the process does not take much time, but it is very difficult to take it off and clean a person, and this work can last for more than forty days, and the result is sometimes seen only for a few years.”

“Hayal, so with what forces do you work?”

“Our prophets help me. They came to me in dreams, give me knowledge, talk to me, and explain how to help a person in a given situation. The gins also serve me. They were sent to help me from the heaven. These beings, apart from their help in my work, protect me from the disaster, negative, and protect my family and people close to me.”

“But the gins belong to the black forces, do not they?”

“In the Qur'an Sura 72 is devoted to the gins. There are gins, who belong to the black forces indeed. They have a very strong influence on a human psyche, can destroy a family, close all the paths and they can even possess a person, taking his mind away. But there are gins, who pray, honour God and serve him. They are gins I work with. They give me knowledge and help me in all my affairs.”

“Does it happen that a person turns to you and you do not help him?”

“Sometimes. And mostly because of those people, who turn to me. The first reason is that people initially do not believe in their salvation, when they come to me. The second - they do not want to make even a minimal effort to purify themselves. For example, a person comes to me with a specific problem. I make a ritual, but there are actions that a person must do on his own, in order to finish the process I started. But very often he does not make it or make it incompletely or wrong – confusing something.

But sometimes I initially know that I cannot help. In case when sent troubles are God's punishment. The gift is given to me by God, and I cannot go against his will. If, however, I do it, God will punish me or my family. And they do not deserve it. In this case, I can only pray. God hears my prayers and, if he desires, he will consider my request in deciding the fate of this person.”

“How long are you going to stay in Ukraine?”

“I cannot answer this question. I only know that I will stay in Ukraine to the end of my mission. I will receive the information on its completion from the heaven.”

“We know that you are receiving people. If it is not a secret how much it costs and what the price includes.”

“At the moment the cost of a reception is 1500 UAH. But the cost of materials I use during the ritual is growing, so it is possible that the cost may increase over the time. A person comes with his problem, I make certain rituals and begin to understand the reason of what happened to him. This is a long and laborious process, sometimes it takes a few days to identify the reasons. A person does not even suspect that if the door of my office closed behind him, I continue to work. Also, I work long before his arrival. My manager makes a list of visitors for the next day with an indication of their problems. It is necessary to make this or that ritual to get information on this or that situation, which I do before the meeting or the night before the meeting. It means that my communication with a person or rather with his problem is not limited by time, during which I directly communicate with him. In addition, after a meeting with a person it takes a long time to drive away the dark forces he brought with him, and purify myself from his negative I take over to myself in the process.”

“Does this mean that after the meeting it will come all right with a person?”

“No, it does not. If the problem is small and requires little effort, then I decide it at once. In this case, the person will feel improvements on the next day. But in order to fix the result, additional rituals are needed, some of them do not require a person’s presence, I make them myself. But more often people with serious problems turn to me. In this case, additional rituals are needed.”

“Is there any common mean for protection from the negative?”

“Yes, there are such means. They are different amulets, talismans and charms. They are recommended to be taken regardless of whether there is a hex on a person or not. Some bring good luck, spiritual strength, develop intuition, some improve the financial condition, and protect houses, offices, and businesses from the negative.”

“Now there are a lot of esoteric shops specializing in sales of various amulets and charms. Why go to a psychic when you can go there and choose a talisman?”

“Yes, you can. But if an amulet is not enchanted, one cannot be sure that it will help.”


“The thing is that the amulets and talismans sold in stores, does not guarantee help. How can I explain this to you? These things have general help property. Yes, they have some power and it is quite possible that they will fit you at the energetic level. But most of all their power needs to be driven into the right direction, tuned to the person’s wave, whom they should serve. In other words, these charms shall be enchanted in order to increase their effectiveness.”

“Have some famous people asked you for help? Who exactly and with what problems?”

“All people have their own problems. A lot of people turn to me, including famous ones. They are governmental officers. People from show business. But I do not have the right to disclose this information. Likewise, I have no right to tell their names without their consent. Perhaps you know such a thing as a medical secret: every doctor has no right to disclose his patient’s secret without his consent. Likewise, I must keep secret of people who turn to me. Sorry, I cannot answer this question.”

“They say you receive 20 people a day. Is it true? Do not you get tired, it is a big load to only listen to so many people?”

“No, it's not true. I cannot receive more than 3-4 a day. It takes a lot of effort from the master to help a person. Accordingly, much energy is used. I purify a person, passing all his troubles through myself. And I can take troubles of not more than 3-4 people per day, depending on the complexity of the situation - then it takes a long time to recover the strength.”

“Do you plan to create a family in Ukraine?”

“No, my plans do not include this. I have a specific mission with which I came to earth. And I cannot spend my energy on extra issues. Besides, my religion does not allow me to create a family with representatives of other religions. It means that any relationships with the Ukrainian women, except business, are excluded. Unfortunately or fortunately – it not up to me to decide.”

“Is it necessary to come to you? Can you help a person on the internet or during a telephone conversation?”

“The thing is that it is also possible to get some information over the phone or on the internet. But human energy and everything associated with it are felt more precisely and more clearly, when he sits across you. Therefore, I do not practice consultations by telephone and on the internet - it takes a lot of efforts and energy, and I have no right to use them inefficiently. A person, who really needs help, will find a way to get an appointment.”

“What if a person is unable to come to the meeting?”

“Then his blood relative must come to me and bring his photo.”

“Do you work with the personal belongings?”

“Yes, if a person is dead, I will need a personal thing for work.”

“Hayal, you have made a splash in Ukraine. Everybody tells about you - from young to old, from cleaners to heads of large companies, people write about you on various forums. And the information is absolutely different: someone thanks you for your help and almost prays for you, and someone says that you are one of the most prominent contemporary charlatans. How do you comment on the situation?”

“I will say so. I do not set a task to make everybody praising me. And it would be weird, do not you think? Because it is impossible to please absolutely everyone: in any case there will be one unsatisfied at least. Especially when it comes to humans’ fates, their problems and their desires. As well as the reasons of everything that happens in the human life. Most people turn to a psychic, because they cannot and often do not want to solve their problems on their own. They do not want to make decisions, do not want to make the slightest effort to change the situation and try to shift this responsibility to someone, in this case, to a psychic. Moreover, they are reluctant to admit their guilt in what is going on, do not want to change, do not want to change their lives: they are satisfied with the way they live, how they behave. They are not satisfied with the result only. And they think they will come to a psychic and he, like a goldfish, will solve all their questions and fulfil all their desires. It does not happen. A psychic can help only if all his instructions are performed, if a person really wants to change his life and is ready to admit what is sometimes very difficult to admit, ready to work on himself, ready to work to achieve goal. And it is work - both a work of a psychic and a work of a person, who turns to him. If one wants to change his lives for the better, one need to understand it.

I work equally with everybody, no exceptions. There is no goal to please a person, my goal is to direct his life to the right direction, show him the right way and I tell him what I see. But not everyone likes it. Because mostly people are guilty in their problems - they do not believe in God, they make sins, and this is the reason for their troubles. But people do not want to hear it, they are looking for the reason of their troubles somewhere, in someone, “someone is to blame, but me”, “you must help me”, “I have come to you so that you decide my problems”, “things came around in such a way, but I have nothing to do with it”. And it happens to be very difficult to explain to a person that things cannot just come around in such a way. God has willed everything so – it is God's test or God's punishment. Everything that happens to us is the result of the past days: our actions, deeds, words, and thoughts. We are responsible for everything in this life. Nobody cancelled God’s commandments. And when a woman comes to me and said that her neighbour is to blame in her troubles, who allegedly cast a hex spell on her, and I say no, the neighbour is not to blame, blame yourself - of course she will remain unsatisfied. She hates her neighbour and came to me just to confirm her ideas. She does not want to hear anything else, especially since she does not want to hear that the cause of the problems is that she cheated on her husband, she made ten abortions for five years of marriage, she sent her mother into a nursing home, instead of taking care of her. For what must God send her happiness? And for what must she be happy with me? She does not want to hear it, but I do not have another answer. Of course, she will remain unsatisfied.

Or another example. Man dies. And I see it. I cannot say it to him and his family, besides, they cry and beg me to help somehow. I say that I will do everything in my power, I will pray, but I explain that God has willed everything so: sometimes God takes into consideration my requests, sometimes - not. “Yes, we understand, but please, do anything,” they say. Time passes, I pray to God about this man every day, but he still dies. So the Lord decided, I cannot make an order to him, I can ask him only. His relatives call me and damn me, they say, you promised to help. Well what can I say? I understand - they are in trouble...

Another example and let’s finish the conversation. A girl comes and wants to marry a rich foreigner. I explained to her that this is impossible. Firstly, he is not her destiny, her destiny is the guy from the neighbouring street, but she does not want him. Secondly, this foreigner has a wife and kids, it is a sin to split up a family. Thirdly, I do not cast a love spell, because it is also a sin. Fourthly, this foreigner does not even know her, she saw him on the photo of her friend. And she was sure that I should just snap my fingers and this foreigner will be here at this very moment and will lead her down the aisle right out of my office. Sometimes it is simply impossible to explain to a person that it does not happen.

Such is our life: stupid people judge smart people, the sinners - the righteous, the ungifted – the gifted... That's life. So I do not care what they say about me, I perform my mission, the rest is left to God - he knows better, he will take care of it.”

“Hayal, thank you for the detailed interview.”

“Not at all. I hope at least you heard everything you wanted, and got satisfied with me.”