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Energy of home. How to improve the aura of the home space?


After hard working days, long trips or walks we all return home to our cute inhabited island, where every room, corner, piece of furniture or interior meets us with warmth. Here everything is the usual, all the things know their places, and even cactus on the windowsill rejoices your coming back, modestly hiding behind a curtain. And relieved sat in a favorite chair, you can immerse yourself in the many thoughts, enjoy a cup of hot tea. Or detracting from the pressing concerns, start a violent battle in the kitchen like baking a cake. In his house, everyone finds his nook. Favorite activity that help to find harmony with oneself and the world.

But it also happens that the home atmosphere is far from ideal. We have often heard the words from our friends and acquaintances: "It is impossible to live in this house", "any little thing in my apartment irritates me", "at home we constantly quarrel, while being apart our whole family are non-conflict peace people, maybe something is wrong with the house? "Analyzing such complaints, we decided to talk about this topic with Hayal Alekperov - twice winner, and now a member of the jury of the "Battle of psychics", expert of projects "The psychics lead the investigation" and "All will be good" on STB TV-channel. He exactly knows what can make a fly in the ointment in a homely atmosphere and, most importantly, what to do to improve the energy of our homes.

- Hello, Hayal! Thank you for agreeing to talk. Approaching the topic of our conversation, I wanted to ask - what homeliness is expressed for you in?

- Hello! Thank you for your question. Probably many people noticed: you come to visit someone, and repair seems to be recently done, and the furniture is new, but the rooms has cold atmosphere and you don’t want to stay there for a long time. It also happens that the old house and even, as they say, "shabby" - and you do not hurry to leave it, you feel nice and easy there. Cozy aura of the house - it is a collective concept, it consists of energy hosts, interior, location, repair and more of how the inhabitants of the house found harmony with the forces that protect housing.

- What are the forces protecting the house?

- Each housing, whether it is a private house, or an apartment is inhabited by certain forces. They keep order, protect home those who are in it from harm, accidents and even minor troubles. The Slavs called these forces "brownies". "Brownies" are very similar to humans in their behavior. They have their own principles, own character. Because it often happens that for some reason being offended by those who live in the house, brownies can do minor mischief. For example, to hide for a while a right thing, scare knocks at night, noise or terrify sleeper nightmarish dreams that are very similar to reality. And even if it looks not very friendly, there are good explanations for such brownie’s behavior. Forces that protect the house so can prevent a person of some kind of danger or, say, to give a lesson for quarrels, conflicts, for the unrest, like scattered things. But one should not be afraid. There are no threat towards people from brownies. And if you live with them in peace and harmony, we can safely rely on their protection and support. For example, brownies protect against fire, theft, and even from the "guests" who wish bad to the owners of the house.

- And how to make friends with brownies?

- It is enough to be polite with them, as well as with people. Say goodbye and ask to look after the house when leaving away. You can even symbolically leave something delicious on the table, such as cookies or candy - so you show your respect. Returning home, greet and thank the brownie for guarding the housing and keeping it in order. Also, try to keep the house clean as at the energetic, as the object level. That is, do more cleaning, try to put things in place, do not swear and do not argue. Brownies patronize small children and the elderly. And if you are unjustly wronged old grandmother, or scolded child - keep in mind – you can face the machinations of a brownie.

- You talked about the location of the house. How do you know that the house is located in the right place?

- If we are talking about a country house or area in which you want to build it, it is easy to understand energy of this place. There are trees, especially fruit in an area with good positive energy. Animals will feel comfortable there. And if the trees grow slowly in the area, do not bear fruit, shrink, or, say, pets run away from home - there is a high probability that the energy of this place has a lot of negativity. Do not buy a house or land near the cemetery or place that has bad fame. Hard to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, also in the house, which is located next to a large intersection. The fact is that in places such knowledgeable people often carry out various rituals, and the results of such actions can "hook" - that is, have negative impact on those who would be next. But if your house is located in such a place, do not despair. Housing can always put a strong defense, referring to a strong master. Help and charms in the shape of a horseshoe, or tiger's eye stone. Also, you can about once a month to conduct their own ritual - get around with a lighted candle, acquired in a temple or sacred place, all the rooms of the house, and then sprinkle the house with blessed water.

As for the apartments, there is energy you can feel intuitively. If you do not feel gravity, do not feel irritation - so positive energy housing.

- By the way, about the irritability... Why it happens that the home energy effect on a person, as a stimulus, and how to fight it?

- This situation can have a variety of explanations. Perhaps detractors made ​​negative housing aimed at constant troubles, setbacks and quarrels of those who live in the house. It is very difficult to deal with it by yourself. And one can do without the help of a knowledgeable master, or priest, who may sanctify the house. But it may be the problem in the space of the house. Say aggressive in terms of energy colors of the interior - too much red, bright orange. Or, conversely, cold atmosphere, if the house is too much white, gray or black. But I repeat, I have named colors can be used in the interior. Just be around to observe harmony.

Mess in the house promotes strife, irritability and conflicts. Old stuff, unnecessary things, gathering dust on the shelves of many years, emit negative. Should not be stored in the house of broken things - broken dishes, broken watches and so on. They saturate space of the house of negative energy. Dried and artificial flowers, flower arrangements affect wrong on the aura of the house.

- And what about the flowers. Many say that houseplants positively affect people at an energetic level.

- Here you are absolutely right. Influence of plants per person is really great. Some of them may even take over sickness and troubles of their caregivers. They clean energy space at home, playing the role of a kind of amulet. But it is important to understand what kind of plant is right for you and what does not. For example, these versatile plants as a money tree, ficus, aloe fit many people. They are picky care, and neutral in its effects on humans. But it is better to be careful with climbing plants. These flowers attract their owners financial well-being, but their power is very strong. Place such plants are best where you work, but, say, in the bedroom they have no place. Favorably on home energy affect citrus plants - decorative lemons, oranges, tangerines. They bring good luck to its owners, have a positive effect on health. And to understand the plant suits you or not, watch out for him. If a flower grows poorly, withers and dries, despite the care and concern - it means it is simply not yours.

- What colors in the interior contribute to peace and harmony in the house?

- As I said, you can use the color variety, but it should be done, observing the rule of the "golden mean." Although changing the color scheme of the interior can be refine atmosphere of the house. For example, the blue and green colors carry peace and tranquility. And if you and your loved ones sharp temper and emotional nature, such a color scheme will help smooth things over. If the home furnishings seems boring and routine, it will help revitalize the light shades - lime, peach, pink, blue.

- What, in your opinion, is the most common mistakes in terms of energy, that people make while planning home space?

- The most common mistake - focus on fashion, foreign ideals, values ​​and aspirations, buying furniture or planning a renovation. Interior, things in the house should be in harmony with its tenants at the energy level to display their inner world. And if in this respect there is a dissonance, the space of the house will be a strange, and so uncomfortable for the hosts.