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We care about your safety, that's why we publish the following information to help to protect yourself from scams:

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Be careful and cautious. Do not give opportunities for frauds to cheat you!

Hayal Alekperov in the "Incredible Truth About Stars" on STB TV-channel Figured out why so many talented people are dying at the age of the 27 or 39 years old

August 13, 2012
What is the "fatal age" in human life? Why the "fatal years" ended the lives of many talented and famous people? Twice winner of the "Battle of the Psychics in Ukraine" (the 7th season, "The War of the Worlds" and the 10th anniversary season, "The War of Titans") Hayal Alekperov, answered these and other questions. As well as using his gift he tried to feel by only pictures how in fact the brightest stars of famous actors, poets and musicians faded away.

- Hayal, so what is a "fatal age" and when does it come?

- The fatal age is a stage in life when man moves to a new level of energy of life, get awareness of himself, his mission in this world. At this time, God sends us some difficulties, trials. As a rule, age from thirty to forty years is fatal. During these years, people seemed to make the jump across the chasm, and if he lived his life righteously, according to God's laws, and used the talents given to him by God on purpose - the distance between one bank and another will be small, he can easily step over. But if man sinned a lot, burned through his life, lavished his gifts in vain - the gap is very large, it will be impossible to cross it. Sometimes it happens that God takes a man to be reborn in a new body and re-started his journey to fulfil the mission assigned to him again.

- Why it is talented people who often become "victims of fatal dates"?

- Famous people, especially actors and musicians, give a lot of effort and energy to their work. Reincarnating every day in their new roles, they live several lives at the same time, and become very weak in energy. And if they lead the wrong way of life, make a lot of sins – God’s tests become unbearable for them.

- How they can protect themselves from hazards, how to protect themselves from the fatal numbers?

- You just need to pray more, go to church. Try to do good deeds every day. We must remember that our life has not only the material side. Forgetting about the spiritual, God, we are expanding the gap that once we would have to cross.