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Twice winner of the "The Battle of Psychics" in Ukraine Hayal Alekperov told if a stranger can give name to your child and how it will affect his fate

A couple from Kiev decided to sell the opportunity to name their child to complete strangers. The journalists of the "Windows-news' on STB TV-channel found out material and spiritual costs of such a decision. To understand how the name given by strangers, affect a child's life, journalists addressed to a psychic from Azerbaijan Hayal Alekperov.

"The name of the child is of great importance. If the child's parents did not call him, and someone else, and even the name will be some advertising ... his name may have too much evil, and it will affect the child's life, "- commented clairvoyant.

We decided to learn more about how a name affects the destiny of man, and asked Hayal a few questions.

- Hayal, please tell us what the name of the person is in terms of energy? How a choice of a name can influence the destiny?

The name of the person energetically gets its place in the universe, in the community, its own destiny. Depending on the name, it is followed by the saints forces that will protect him. Name is a kind of code, under which God knows it, the good and bad forces. But, in addition, each name has its meaning, and as every word - in terms of meaning and sound vibrations. Its energy depends on all of these factors.

- How to choose the name of the child?

The right choice depends on many things. One should take into account, for example, that if a boy got name Constantine, which is translated from Latin as "solid, stable" these will be reflected in the quality and nature of his fate: he will be highly motivated, confident and very persistent person. If a girl is named Julia, which translates from Greek as "curly", "fluffy", she will be very kind, gentle and sympathetic person.
Parents need to listen to themselves, because the saint forces always give us an important decision. The choice must come from the soul, not to be a tribute to fashion. I would suggest, to focus on religious holidays, as you say, a name day. If the boy was born on the date close to the day of Saint Nicholas, you should name the baby Nicholas - he will have a very strong defence from this saint.

- Can one give two names? It often happens that a child baptized under one name and birth certificates indicates another?

- Yes, you can, and this is very true. In every faith and religion, the name that the child is given at the commission of a spiritual ceremony naming - is the name by which God knows him. Thanks to him, God hears his prayers. And it is desirable to keep it secret, and to call a person a different name at home. After all, if the name given to a child before God, will be known by forces of evil, they can harm him.

- Is it possible to change the name?

Name change is possible, but only for cause of circumstance. For example, you feel that it is hard for you to have this name - you are pursued by disaster, illness, bad luck. Hence, the name is not right for you, for some reason: perhaps it is strange to you in energy, or else your aura is weak for such a name. In this case, the name can be changed, but it should be not the documented change, and above all, spiritual. And this choice is handled with great deliberation.
For example, one day I was approached by a young man named Igor. He suffered because in life he always had bad luck, and in his 32, he was sick, he felt weak and reluctant to do anything. This guy is constantly in conflict with the people, irritated and accumulated a lot of negative emotions, and this is a very bad effect on the energy and thus health. I saw that the cause of all was the fact that this young man's aura is weak, at the time, his name on energy is very strong, I would say aggressive. After all, "Igor" is translated as "combative" from the Old Norse language. It turned out that this guy's name was stronger in energy than its owner. I advised him to take the name before God - "Vitalii". The word has meaning "life", "live" from the Greek, and has a very favorable energy. After the young man changed his spiritual name vitality, health and good luck returned to him.

Therefore, I advise parents to take responsibility for the choice of name for the child, and, above all, listen to your intuition.