Friends! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there were many scams that blatantly use the name of Hayal Alekperov for profit. They create social page-doubles on behalf of Hayal, call themselves his disciples and come up with a lot of tricks to deceive the gullible. Also fake sites appear at the Official Site of Hayal Alekperov The owners of these sites register their domain names conformable to the real one. Placed information and content on them taken from the real website, thus mislead users. At such forgery sites scammers hold online counseling and testing on behalf of Hayal. And also, people are forced to transfer a sum of money in order to get the test result, or the answer to their question.

We care about your safety, that's why we publish the following information to help to protect yourself from scams:

  • Hayal is not involved in drawing up the online tests or predictions of the future based on the results of the test. Keep in mind that these polls have nothing to do with extrasensory, and even more so they do not have a drop of reliable information.
  • Hayal holds receptions exclusively in Kiev, and only by appointment by phone number +38095-335-13-50 (call from Mon to Fri, from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)!
  • Hayal do not have students, so anyone who calls himself such, is a fraud!
  • Hayal does not work at a distance (i.e. by phone, Skype and in online forums and social networks), and he has no bank accounts or phone numbers to transfer money to them!
  • In his spare time, which he had, unfortunately, very little, Hayal responds to letters sent to him by e-mail and social networks, advice and try, if possible, to help in difficult situations, but in no case does not require payment for it! Therefore, if for help, advice, or the answer to your question on the internet you need to pay money, be assured: it is not Hayal, but a fraud, who calls himself by his name.
  • All references to the actual page of Hayal, and e-mail addresses to which you can write, is at the official website of Hayal in the "Contact Us".

Be careful and cautious. Do not give opportunities for frauds to cheat you!

Hayal Alekperov on STB TV-channel in the program "Save our family" helps the heroes of the project to understand the causes of insomnia and fears of their child


In the second edition of the project of STB TV-channel "Save our family" (2nd season), its members - a husband and wife who are trying to understand and address the causes of their family problems, to bring back old feelings and warmth of relations. But in addition to household and personal matters, this married couple worried about the strange behavior of their 12-yeared old son. The boy wakes up at night, talking in his sleep with his eyes open, and he speaks of death. A child asks parents to save him, and after such attacks he cannot remember what happened to him. To shed light on this situation, parents are turning to the clairvoyant, twice winner of "The Battle of the Psychics" in Ukraine Hayal Alekperov.

Hayal conducts the ritual and said what frightens the child so much, "I see a child in the evenings in great fear... It was as if someone is chasing him, the size of a man in a black robe." But it turned out that the causes of such visions are not connected with the magic...

- Hayal, it turns out that these frightening visions of the boy - the consequence of psychological trauma. Nightmares plagued the child because he accidentally witnessed the sex scenes between the parents?

- I would say the matter is not only in this... The situation in the family is hard in general, as at the emotional, as the energy level. The child's parents live in constant insult of each other. An unresolved conflict, like a snowball attracts negative energy, which translates into similar trouble. More than once I had to deal with such incidents. It also happens that the negative energy is becoming the cause of psychological disorders, depression and even disease of people who have turned to me.

We must remember that everything in this world has a beginning and an end. And conflicts too. And if we continue to stir up old wounds - it will not bring no good. I advise people to forgive each other, let the situation go. This will give the opportunity to move on. Happiness can be rebuilt, and treat it with due respect, given previous experience.

And blaming each other is not an option. People tend to look for the culprit of their troubles anywhere and in everybody, even beloved ones. But it often happens that he is much closer - the problem is in us...